January 18, 2022


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USA: Man who killed Florida family changed his mind and “not regretted”

Former Marina Brian Riley has been charged Was murdered Four members of a family in Lagland, Florida, including a child, rushed to the house. Sex traffickers, Said this Thursday, according to the area’s bail, which occurred last weekend.

Polk Sheriff Grady Judd announced the latest developments in a case at a news conference Thursday Shock And is still under investigation.

“She is OK Sexual offenses“According to Riley’s confession to police, Judd underlined the reasons for taking him to Gleason’s home.

Riley, a senior player Iraq and Afghanistan The 33-year-old was arrested without bail and is facing more than a dozen charges, including four Murder Judge Gleason, 40, his wife, 33, their son, the first degree for the death of the grandmother of a three-month-old and 62-year-old boy.

Early Sunday relay, who agreed The assassin When he was taken to the hospital, he was wounded in a confrontation with police as he was armed and drugged with amphetamines at Gleason’s home in Logon, where he broke a glass and entered.

He shot the family dog, and then the people he saw in his path, all except the eleven-year-old girl, were at home, shot seven times, but picked up Dead And saved.

Then he a Shooting competition Gleason was alerted by neighbors who arrived at the home with police.

According to Jude, Riley, whom he called the “complete coward,” produced more than a hundred Views “No regrets” at home and for his crimes.


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