January 24, 2022


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USA | Jerry McDonald: Woman checks husband’s cell phone, finds he’s going to kill himself | சட்டனூகா | Tennessee | EC stories | The world

Sattanoka, Tennessee Local Authorities (), Arrested a man identified as Jerry McDonald, 49, after his wife found text messages on his cell phone in which there was evidence of a plot to assassinate him.

She kept trying to contact her work so that she would not come on the afternoon shift Phone From her husband and called his office. In the middle of the process, he realized it McDonald’s I chatted with an unknown woman, opened the chat and found out who she was going to be Order for the Death Penalty.

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According to a report in the US media , You can read the effort in the chat McDonald’s To convince her boyfriend to kill his wife and go together.

You can identify in the discussion Vanessa Nelson, 39, in conversation with McDonald’s Since the husband had life insurance that guarantees compensation with a large sum, the chance of killing the plaintiff to get the financial benefit in return.

While reading the blatant texts, the woman, who did not want to be identified by the media, called the police and said she accepted the person’s responsibility. Stop him at the station Local.


Horrible news was published by the local media.

“Should I kill her?”Vanessa Nelson asks.

“Yes, you should kill her, please, I beg you (…) This woman is worth a million, I say we kill her, I charge a million (dollars) so we can live like kings and queens., Answer Answer McDonald’s, Using misleading words about your spouse.

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What is stated in the report compiled by the media , Who was present in person in this case, part of the chat ends there, but they continue to talk about some details of the money.

“There are more than a million people in your father’s care. I say they will not catch me“, In the states McDonald’s. “We’m not guilty, we do not care about money, at least not me,” he said. Nelson responds with confidence.

Neither do I, but it might be a good option if we decide to do so. I’m not kidding, I just want you, baby. That’s what’s important to meMcDonald concludes.

Clearly, the couple split in the middle of the case.

In the versions given by the plaintiff, she states that it did not occur to her that a person like the man she was married to would have such an ability. Terrible planThey have been married for two years and have known each other for 20 years, so their relationship was long and close.

McDonald’s You have to pay the deposit 75 thousand dollars To appear before the District Judge on November 30th.

Meanwhile, information about Vanessa Hamilton and her legal status could not be obtained because it is not clear whether she was caught or caught up in the judicial decisions imposed on Jerry McDonald.


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