May 31, 2023

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USA | Heather Bingle: Mother Shavano, who saved her 4-year-old son from a pit bull attack, dies in Wisconsin | Description | EC stories | The world

Eight days after the shock, the unfortunate news was confirmed. Heather Bingle, 35, died after being admitted to hospital with serious injuries after being attacked by a domestic dog.

Woman from the district Shavano, In Wisconsin, , Was attacked two weeks ago Pitbull He kept the pet after the animal was prevented from being killed Damien, She is 4 years old.

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Apparently, Shane, according to his sister, fell on the stairs of the minor house, and he cried without comfort. Aggressive reaction of the core.

Pingle, Warned of the riot, she goes down to help the boy and confronts the beast that overwhelms her. 15 kg.

In a clash of forces, The woman snatched her son from the dog’s mouth and tried to take him to the bathroom to protect him..

However, it was in that part of the house His body lay with serious injuries By his sister.

When police arrived at the scene, the woman was suffocating in the bathroom, sitting on the sofa with her minor leg badly injured and the dog lying dead.

According to preliminary information, Shane would have shot it to keep the beast from hitting her too.

Pediatric medical assistance and Be safe At home.

The dog, established by authorities, already showed signs of concern for home invasion.

Nevertheless, those in charge never gave up protecting their care.

“My sister has a huge heart for animals, she could not remove it … her heart was so big, they thought to fix it.”, The sister of the deceased told the local newspaper ‘Wausau Daily Herald’.

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The family arranged a ‘meeting fund’ to help with medical expenses, funerals and the two children he left behind. Heather Bingle.

At the time of the news, $ 35,000 had already been raised.

The Pit Bull breed is native to the United States. (Photo: iStock)

Although traditionally racially isolated Pitbull Due to their tendency to aggression, the difference with dogs of another breed may not be so significant.

“No dog is aggressive or non-aggressive, dangerous or dangerous, depending on its training and the environment in which it operates.”, Recently founded the American Association of Veterinarians.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person Pitbull Yes they can be strong.

In this sense, the general recommendation is that these hereditary animals Keep your muzzle At home if there are vulnerable children.

Prevention is important.


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