February 7, 2023


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USA | Company hires ‘problem women’ to claim for you | Story | EC Stories | the world

Imagination Hiring a woman to claim for you and resolve your incidents if phone, internet, television or other services are down.

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Karens for Shire is in this business and is already world renowned for serving customers who want to avoid verbal confrontations with companies or individuals with poor customer service. The name came about because of an American term that went viral on social networks to refer to moody women who argue angrily and without any justification, “The Karens”.

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The concept is often used pejoratively, but the company wanted to monetize it to get the market and understand its message. According to Urban Dictionary, which is used to translate local Anglo-Saxon slang, it defines these people as middle-aged women “who will do everything possible to impose their beliefs and ideals on any individual.”

In the company’s services, complaint letters, emails, viral tweets are provided to resolve the conflict with the help of various “Karens” and “Arbitrators”.

“We are taking back power in all aspects of people’s lives. We believe you don’t have to pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to right a small injustice. In most cases, you don’t even need a lawyer. But what choice do you have? We think it benefits corporations and they use it to line their pockets,” says the Karens for Shire homepage.

“The price of the fight is usually higher than the problem, and they think you’re going to accept it and move on. That’s not the case anymore,” he says.

How much does Karen’s work cost?

The official website establishes that the base price is 50 dollars and can reach a maximum of 75: “Your Karen will only advance as a Karen, but there are limits: the person is not allowed to commit illegal activities,” Karens reveals. Shire in its mission.

According to Fox News, the company has received more than 2,300 applications since its launch in mid-2022.

A user of the company described her experience hiring Karens: “My family and I had a terrible experience with Airbnb. After the claim failed, I got help from a Karen and was able to get a partial refund as well as a coupon for my next stay.”

Presented by: “El Tiempo”, Colombia / GTA

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