May 28, 2023

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USA | Christina Lopez: A woman spends millions of dollars in compensation to retaliate for her son’s death in Fresno, California | EC stories | | The world

On the morning of October 9, Christina Lopez was arrested by Fresno police officers. . The woman was arrested for 22 offenses, including aiding and abetting criminal gangs and providing firearms to minors.

The first hypotheses suggest it Lopez Reinforced everything A criminal organization With state repair money.

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He is said to have received $ 5 million in compensation after officer Ray Vilvalvaso was killed Ischia Murietta-Golding, 16, 2017 in.

Ischia is his son.

In April of this year, district officials Fresno They were able to reach an agreement with the victim’s family and paid Lopez the millionaire.

This compensation, according to the results of the investigation, was used Lopez For “Revenge for his son’s death”. She was armed with an identified local criminal gang Calva. According to the versions provided by the lawyer, his other son was involved in the criminal structure Lisa Smithcamp To the local fresno media.

At the time of the capture of Christina Lopez by Fresno authorities in the United States. (Fresno County Sheriff’s Office).

The woman was implicated in a criminal investigation that led to the arrest of 14 people, including her, after the gang played Loud shooting, In mid-July last year, many of whom died.

Lopez He is being held in an interim jail while a judge carries out his sentence.

The trial is set to begin this weekend.

Death of Ischia Murietta-Golding

In 2017, the county police Fresno One explored the causes The shooting injured many. They were seen during the reconstruction of events Ischia And his older brother, who was charged with felony criminal mischief.

Ishahiya’s elder brother was confirmed by police to be one of the main culprits in the shooting, so they began the process of locating the young man.

They were found transported in a vehicle with two other people. Then the police decided to stop the vehicle.

Everyone fled, including Ischia, He was followed in several blocks by authorities until he reached the backyard of a kindergarten.

Jumped a metal fence, but officer Ray Villazzo shot him Without warning, the 16-year-old will die. Minor was transferred to a local hospital and died three days later.

At the time, this fact caused outrage among the people Locals called for the removal of Vilvalso due to an open case of police abuse.

“They have no legal justification for pointing a gun at Isaiya, Nor is there any legal justification for capturing music at gunpoint. Ezia exercised his right to self-defense and violently resisted attempts to illegally arrest the accused.I posted in 2017 in the Washington Post by Michael Hattat, a lawyer for Ishia’s family.

Isaiah’s older brother, who was arrested earlier in the day, pleaded guilty to murder in a shooting.

For his part, the judge ruled that Villalvaso was not guilty because the officer’s actions were within the company’s policies. One of the arguments was that the young man had a gun and when he was killed he tried to remove it from his pocket.

However, in the surveillance video he showed that the young man could only run his pants.

The case has been under investigation for the past four years Christina LopezAsia’s mother received compensation Revenge began with local criminal gangs, but was captured last Saturday.

He will be sentenced for 22 offenses this week.


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