May 28, 2023

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United States: Ricardo Caesar Goodes | Stealing the identity of a boy who died 20 years ago and traveling the world without anyone noticing | William Erickson Lot | Brazil | Description | EC stories | The world

Born in S சாo Paulo, Ricardo Caesar Quடtes, 49, starred in a story similar to the one played by Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can. Whether it is intended to stay illegally , The Brazilian stole the identity of the Atlanta boy who died 20 years ago and returned with it as a flight attendant. It is currently being investigated by a judge in that country.

In the last hours, the federal prosecutors in charge of the fraud investigation released a series of documents in which they reconstructed Guedes’ history. According to their report, the Brazilian acquired the birth data of Atlanta-born William Eriksson Lat, who died in a car crash in Washington in 1979.

Once identified, he applied for a “legal” US passport, which was renewed six times until 2020 when agents detected fraud. The federal complaint alleges that Guedes worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines during these two decades.

Guedes has worked for United Airlines for many years and has made more than 40 trips with the company. (Photo: Daily Mail).

During these years of using the name Brazilian Lot, he has made more than 40 trips for the company, which has toured dozens of countries around the world. In the midst of the investigation, a United Airlines spokesman spoke to NBC News and promised that Guedes would no longer work for the company. “United Airlines has a comprehensive verification process for new employees who meet federal legal requirements,” he stressed.

William Ericsson practiced the profession under the label, and Guedes married his partner under his new name, and it was high: he was able to get a mortgage in Houston.

According to the State Department, the mother of the dead child cooperated with the investigation and confirmed to prosecutors that William died in an accident in 1979. These statements are necessary to deepen the accusation that Guedes theft has worsened. Identity card, false statements in passport application, other charges.

According to the report, Guedes had taken out a mortgage in Latin 'name to buy this house in Lake Houston.  (Photo: Daily Mail /
According to the report, Guedes had taken out a mortgage in Latin ‘name to buy this house in Lake Houston. (Photo: Daily Mail /

Guedes interrogated and arrested

Following the testimony of William Eriksson Lattin’s mother, U.S. State Department attorneys compared the passport’s fingerprints to the Brazilian identity document that Ricardo Caesar Guedes had until 1990.

In the statement issued by the judge, they described that the Brazilian had not committed any crime. After confirming data confirming Guedes’ fraud in September, he was detained by a team of police officers at George Bush Intercontinental Airport when he returned from a flight with United Airlines.

At the time of the arrest, the man identified himself as William Erickson Lot, although agents showed the child’s death certificate and a picture of the grave where William’s remains are staying, according to military testimony. In a state of glory.

This is a formal complaint against Guedes in the state of Texas.  (Photo: Daily Mail / Texas Court).
This is a formal complaint against Guedes in the state of Texas. (Photo: Daily Mail / Texas Court).

In an article published in the Houston Chronicle, they pointed out that Guedes had finally signed arrest documents with his real name and his fingerprints. “I had a dream, the dream is over. Now I have to face reality,” he told authorities when he was transferred to prison, the newspaper said.

For now, the State Department has promised that Ricardo Caesar Goodes will remain in custody until the trial date is confirmed.


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