January 26, 2022


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United States – Joe Biden calls on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign over sexual harassment allegations | The world

President of the United States, Demanded the resignation of the Governor , , For harassment charges. An independent investigation has concluded that a powerful Democratic politician sexually harassed several women.

See: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “sexually harassed several women,” the attorney general’s office said.

“I think I should quit,” he said. பிடன் During a press conference at the White House.

The US president has so far refrained from asking for his resignation Cuomo Despite several allegations of sexual harassment against him, the report was released by the Attorney General on Tuesday. New York, Lydia James, made him change his mind.

But nonetheless, பிடன் He did not want to comment on whether Cuomo would face charges if he refused to resign, although he promised it was a “possibility” that would endanger the governor.

Democrat Cuomo, like Pitton, categorically denied the allegations against him on Tuesday, insisting he did not “touch” or “sexually promote” any woman in an inappropriate way.

When he appeared in front of the press, he displayed a video with several photos expressing his affection for the public over the years, including Cuomo Biden.

Asked if she was bothered that she used a photo of him hugging him to defend himself, Biden replied: “I firmly believe that some hugs are completely innocent. But apparently, the Attorney General has decided that there are things that are not.

பிடன் He had already recalled that he had not read the New York attorney’s report and did not know the “details” of his decision, and that he would ask him if he had determined that Cuomo was responsible for the harassment at James’ trial. Resignation.

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However, the president declined to answer questions about what his message was to women affected by the behavior Cuomo.

In addition பிடன், Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi and two senators representing New York: Chuck Schumer, leader of the Progressive Majority in the Senate, and legislator Kirsten Gillibrand called for Cuomo’s resignation on Tuesday. .

James’ report is the result of a five-month investigation into various persecutions Cuomo, After interviewing 179 people and receiving 74,000 sources, including documents, emails, news and photos.

James noted that between 2013 and 2020, the governor violated “state and federal laws” by sexually harassing several women.

The 169-page report features eleven whistleblowers, nine of whom are employed or former civil servants, and all of them “the governor’s behavior is chaotic, insulting, awkward and inappropriate”, encountered or repeated.

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