June 8, 2023


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United States Embassy: No Visa Appointments Available Until | Peru

If you thought You don’t have an excursion, shopping or visiting relatives It’s important that you start processing it early because the wait times for interviews are long: they can take years.

Any foreign national wishing to enter the United States must first obtain a US visa. Requests should be handled in a timely manner. The pandemic has caused delays in interviews, and a few months ago, there were only emergency appointments. Once again, appointments are open for visitor visa applicants, but you can’t imagine the wait time.

When is there no appointment to apply for a United States visa?

Although the interview usually takes no more than two minutes, getting an appointment can take longer. As of January 6, 2023, pg He pointed out that the waiting time to request an appointment for a tourist visa at the US Embassy in Lima is 757 days. By entering this link, you can find the waiting time for each city, such as Lima, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, La Paz or Santiago de Chile. To do this, you need to enter the name in the yellow box.

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Waiting time for US visa processing in Peru (Photo: Travel.state.gov)

What are the most common questions in the United States visa interview?

Although every interview is different, according to the portal, there are some frequently asked questions . If there are no problems, the presentation will take no more than two minutes. These are the questions:

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1. Where do you travel in America?

Please specify the state or city you are visiting in the United States.

2. What is the purpose of your trip?

If you go on vacation, it is enough to say that it is a “tour”.

3. How long will you be staying and when do you plan to leave?

The more accurate this answer is, the better. It must match the term you specified on the DS-160.

4. Who are you traveling with?

Mention the person you listed on the form. They may ask your relationship.

5. Where do you work? How long have you been working there and what activities do you do?

Be specific with the company name and your seniority. Give your position and the activities you do. This way, they will see that you have a permanent job and don’t want to move to the US to stay and work. You are more likely to get a visa if you have a job. If you are unemployed, you are more likely to be rejected.

6. Who will pay your travel expenses?

If you are paying for your travel, say so, and if someone else in your family is, make it clear.

7. Where will you stay?

Just give the name of the hotel. If you have more information about the street or district, you can mention it.

8. Do you have relatives in America?

This is a more complicated one because they will review the immigration status of family members and their history with the authorities. If your family member is a US citizen and has had no problems with the authorities, you can mention it, but if they’re an immigrant, it’s best not to mention it during the interview.

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9. Have you traveled to or visited the US before?

Tourist visa renewers may be required to include the duration of their stay in the United States and the places they visited.

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What should I take into account in the interview to obtain a visa for the United States?

  • Your review .
  • Speak the truth.
  • It is important to be clear on dates.
  • You don’t have to speak English and if you don’t master it, you get nervous.
  • If you don’t understand what they asked you, ask them to repeat the question.
  • Don’t answer things that aren’t asked, you might get caught.

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