June 8, 2023


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United States: A passenger was ejected from a plane in Florida for wearing a mask.

Airlines United Airlines A passenger wearing a face mask was ejected from the plane on Wednesday Mask, Before your flight departs between Fort Lauderdale Florida, And Washington DC, local media reported the news on Thursday.

Adam Jenny, 38, wore this dress instead of a mask to illustrate the “absurdity” of the rule of wearing a mask on airplanes. COVID-19, As explained Canal NBC2 News.

According to him, it makes no sense to ask passengers to wear masks until the plane reaches its altitude, and then they can take them out to eat or drink.

A video shot by another passenger and aired by local media shows United Airlines employees telling Jenny not to travel with a red t-shirt on her face.

The person asks why he cannot fly, and when they respond that he does not comply with the rules, he leaves his seat and resigns.

Viral reaction

In an interview NBC2 NewsJenny compared herself to an African-American Rosa Parks, Symbol of the civil rights movement that refused to give up its seat to a white man on an Alabama bus in 1955.

In an interview with the News Channel, he said, “Everything that has changed in this country has started with ordinary people. “Rosa Parks was not popular. She changed the course of history.” According to Jen, many passengers left the plane in unison as he was ejected from the plane.

You can see in the video how one of them tells you to remove the device after that incident.

United Airlines Issued a statement on what happened.

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“The client did not clearly adhere to the federal mandate on masks, and we appreciate that our team fixed the problem on the ground before the flight departed, avoiding any airborne disturbances,” the NBC2 News text said.


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