December 8, 2021

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Becky Aspinol, a 33-year-old English woman, asked her last wish before she lost consciousness and died. With only son Alfie you can spend it in a clear way. When she was pregnant with her son, now 13, she was diagnosed with Handickton’s degenerative disease and her health deteriorated significantly.

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The disease causes nerve cells in the brain to wear out, causing uncontrolled movements and imbalance. As it worsens, the patient feels unable to walk, talk, or eat.

Sadly, She is already in terminal condition: she was asked to be fed through tubes and treated only with prophylactic treatment..

“Since it was discovered, it has been getting worse for years.” Pecky’s best friend Kirsty Smith told Liverpool’s ECHO outlet. “I mean he’s at the end of his life”, Added.

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Similarly, it is not known exactly when Peggy will disappear, but Doctors agree that it is difficult to go to year-end parties.

The family had planned to move to London’s Winter Wonderland Christmas To celebrate with Peggy, they are frustrated. So Lisa, her mother and her stepmother decided to decorate their house in Auguston, England with Christmas lights and decorations.

Becky Y. Alfie.

For the past eight years, Becky has been in a nursing home. But, due to the corona virus infection, they could only see it through the window and they could not share as many moments as before, especially at the last feasts of the year.

However, because of her last wish for life, the caregivers agreed to set aside rules that would allow her to go out to celebrate Christmas this weekend.

His son, Alfie, could not be with his mother on this date.

“I ‘ve known Becky since school, and now that I’m a nurse, we live a completely different life. With her friend.

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