December 8, 2021

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UK: British Conservative MP at political event Was stabbed “many times”

A sub British Conservative, David Ames, It was Stabbed “Many times” During the show in his constituency in the Lee-On-Sea in the southeastern England on Friday, police and British media.

“One person has been arrested … we are not looking for anyone else,” local police announced on Twitter.

Sky News and BBC channels have identified the victim as a 69-year-old politician Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Large police security at the scene of a witness described on Anthony LBC Radio.

“I saw how they took someone out of the building and put him in the back of a police car,” he said openly (sub). Stabbed again and again “.

“Terrible News”

A week before the Brexit referendum, political reactions were immediate in the hands of a new Nazi sympathizer in a country where Vice President Joe Cox was assassinated on the street in 2016.

Labor opposition leader Keer Stormer tweeted that it was “terrible and deeply shocking news.”

For his part, the former prime minister British Conservative David Cameron He regretted this “warning and disturbing message”.

Johnson, his party and his government have not yet reacted.

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