October 6, 2022


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Turner Draws a Line in the Sand...Again - Big Brother Network

Turner Draws a Line in the Sand…Again – Big Brother Network

Like his first reign, Turner drew a line in Big Brother 24 sand. But this time, you finish destroying the leftovers.

The Sunday night episode of BB24 picks up right after all the house guests are gathered together following the split house evolution. Monty is shocked and does not see Joseph. However, Turner is thrilled to see Jasmine’s disappearance.

Then there is Taylor. She is too devastated to lose Joseph in the game. She was unable to hug him or even say goodbye. “That sounds very harsh,” she told us in the diary room.

The new After Party Alliance begins framing Joseph for everything that happened outside.

Turner realizes that he now gets along with everyone, so making Joseph look like the bad guy should be his play.

But Monty and Taylor don’t really understand how Joseph escalated enough to make himself a target when there was a show sitting there.

Meanwhile, Kyle is working on Joseph’s corner for Michael and Brittany. And Michael doesn’t quite buy it either. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle was lying and trying to blame Joseph for his moves outside.

It’s time to compete with the head of the family. This week’s HOH competition is a mini stacking game. They should stack small cans of energy drinks with tongs.

Several times it was between Kyle and Turner and then eventually it was between Monty and Turner. In the end, Turner won the HOH competition. And everyone is happy because everyone thinks they are in alliance with Turner. But he told us earlier that he’s willing to draw a line in the sand just as he did the first time he was Huh.

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Turner lets Brittany, Monty, Taylor and Michael know that The Leftovers are still good, they have nothing to worry about. And they all believe that.

So what will he do? Kyle gets to Turner first, so of course it won’t be Alyssa. So Kyle says Turner should go after Michael, Taylor or Brittany. They agree that they trust Monty the most out of these four, so they need to know what Monty thinks of it, with Michael being the main target.

Taylor, Monty, and Michael don’t buy all the things they’ve heard about Joseph. Monty reminds us that before The Leftovers, there was the pound. So he says he needs to go with them and find out what really happened outside last week.

Turner told Monty that it was getting messy, and that Joseph was finally breaking down and admitting that Taylor had asked him to join her, and Michael and Brittany. Monty and Turner realize that means they’ll be at the bottom of The Leftovers. So, it doesn’t take much discussion to get him on board to target Michael, Brittany and Taylor.

So here it is, The Leftovers is officially over but The Pound continues.

At the nomination ceremony, Turner nominated Taylor and Brittany, with Michael as the backstory. Of course, the three were shocked.

If you don’t want to wait until the next episode to find out who won this week’s Power of Veto contest, be sure to check out our Big brother 24 spoilers.