November 28, 2022

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Troy Aikman: 'It's really amazing how far the giants have fallen'

Troy Aikman: ‘It’s really amazing how far the giants have fallen’

2-0 New York Giants They are scheduled to take 1-1 Cowboys in Dallas To wrap up the third week of the 2022 NFL season.

The rivalry between the Giants and the Cowboys is one of the hottest decks in NFL history, so prime-time games between them are always big business. And since the first meeting between these two teams in 2022 will be Monday Night Football, Cowboy-turned commentator Troy Aikman had to weigh in.

He gave his view of the giants to Dallas Morning News on Saturday saying:

“I’ve seen a very lucky team to be 2-0. Defensively – I don’t want to say they’re like the Cowboys, because I think the Cowboys in general are a much better team than what I’ve seen from the Giants. Offensively, they’re just struggling. I think the offensive line is a work in progress. – And I think the whole team is on that. And that’s what happens when you have turnover at the main training site. …

“It’s really amazing how far the Giants have fallen….I’ve been doing a lot of Giants games. Then for the last couple of years I think I’ve only gotten them on Thursday nights. And so I haven’t seen a lot of them. But I know that in the times I’ve warmed up I just said, man, this team – I know [Mara family is] Amazed at what happened to this organization and how few games they were able to win.

“but I like [Brian] Daboll, and to be able to win two games when they really struggled on the offensive side of the ball, he did the defense, you know, he kept them in these games and basically won these games. But to be able to win two games when you start as a new crew, I think that goes a long way. …

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“I’d be interested to see how this game goes. Because like I said, I feel Dallas is a lot better in many areas. Dallas played Tampa, the team that is expected to do a lot. Cincinnati, who just came from Energy. And they’ve been in those matches and have a chance to win, and here they are 1-1. I think New York – although I was expecting more from Tennessee, but now they’re 0-2 – I don’t know what exactly New York has, but I don’t think it’s a lot.”

Raptor Ideas

Interviews like these are part of the hype cycle surrounding the prime time game between two teams with large, enthusiastic fan bases. This could easily be interpreted as “clickbait” by Aikman, although I think his entire thoughts are somewhat too honest for that.

I believe him when he says he loves Daboll, and that the win cured (or covered) a lot of the Giants’ ills. The defense stepped up and carried the team as they struggled in attack. He wasn’t wrong when he said the Giants were lucky (at least to some extent) to be 2-0. It could be 1-1 or 0-2 if a few plays went a little differently, but their aggressive training and defense put them in a position to take advantage when their opponents failed to play.

And I think most Giants fans would agree that the team is a work in progress. They are still trying to discover the long-range construction of their offensive line and wide reception teams. The defense was effective but still a bit of a tinkering, and the team needs to make a decision in the center-back position.

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I wouldn’t agree with Ekman that the Cowboys we see tonight are “a lot better”. Perhaps it would be true if they were healthy and whole. But for now, Dallas is still without the franchised quarterback and left save, as well as the second receiver (they all lost to injury), and they’re still trying to figure out how offensive they are after trading Amari Cooper away. Dallas may be more talented than the giants in some areas, but “a lot”? Nah.

It can be annoying, but I have to agree with Ekman that this game could be a lot of fun.