February 4, 2023


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Tremors in Peru today, November 29: When and where was the last earthquake in the country | Center and Magnitude of Earthquake | IGP Report | RMMN EMCC | Peru

As every day, Gestión brings you a report from the Geophysical Institute of Peru on earthquakes in Peruvian territory. The IG is responsible for providing all information about earthquakes in the country, which is located on the famous Pacific Ring of Fire, making us a seismic country.

What are the seismic zones in Peru?

According to the National Institute of Civil Defense (INDESI), Peru’s entire coastal zone is one of the most vulnerable to high-magnitude earthquakes.

“During the past 500 years of history, all cities near the coastal zone have been affected by earthquakes to a lesser or greater extent. At the same time, depending on the morphology of its coastlines, tsunamis are present in specific areas with greater intensity,” the agency notes in an official statement.

Likewise, Indesi notes that other areas of the Andean region, including Huytaballana (Jún), Ayacucho, Cuzco, Abanque, and Arequipa, are prone to strong seismicity due to the presence of important reverse and normal fault systems.

How to prepare for an earthquake?

During an earthquake, Indeci officials recommend remaining calm and identifying safe areas inside and outside the home to avoid regrettable personal injuries.

Additionally, they advise having an emergency backpack with tools, a portable radio and non-perishable canned food.

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