May 19, 2022

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Track Dollar and Dolarte Today in Venezuela Today August 20, 2021: The Dollar Price Equivalent This Friday Yummy PCV

According to the page DolarToday, The Dollar price in Venezuela Today, Friday, August 20, 2021, it is 4,129,102.09 Bolivar. Bills Dollar Monitor On Instagram Y Twitter They also shared their exchange rate statements. Today’s price in Venezuela is 13,886.68 units lower Compared to yesterday, Thursday, August 19th, According to DolarToday.

These are the equivalent dollar figures, while the Venezuelan central bank (PCV) controls the official values ​​of exchange rates in Venezuelan currency.

Dolartoday: The value of the dollar in Venezuela

Dollar price in Venezuela Bs. 4,129 is 102.09 DolarToday. You will know the conversion rate in different sizes in the following table:

5 USD Bs 20 645 510,45
10 USD Bs 41 291 020,90
$ 20 Bs 82 582 041,80
$ 50 Bs 206 455 104.50
$ 100 Bs 412 910 209,00
$ 500 Bs 2 064 551 045,00
$ 1000 Bs 4 129 102 090,00

Dollar Monitor: The dollar price in Venezuela

The dollar price today is Friday, August 20, 2021 as calculated Dollar Web Monitor S PS4,010,068.33.

Keep track of the $ 20 and Dolarte today, August 20th.

The equivalent dollar in Venezuela

Find out how the dollar price is going in Venezuela according to the map Free dollar in Venezuela.

Keep track of the $ 20 and Dolarde today, August 20th.

Keep track of Dollar Vzla today on Instagram

Below Dollar price in Venezuela Today is Friday August 20, via 2021 Instagram.

Keep track of Dollar and Dollarte today, August 20, according to Instagram. Photo: Capture

Dollar Monitor on Twitter today

Meet here Dollar price in Venezuela Via today Twitter.

Keep track of Dolar and DolarDode today via Twitter. Photo: Capture

How much is the bitcoin dollar in Venezuela today, according to Dolarto?

Today, Friday, August 20, 2021, The Dollar Bitcoin On Venezuela, Per page Dolartoday Bs. 3 982 014.84.

How much was the dollar worth in Venezuela yesterday?

Keep track of the dollar and the dollar yesterday, August 19th.

Dollar price in Venezuela today by BCV

According to BCV, one dollar equals 4,123,464.32 bolivars.

Dollar price in Gokuda

Today, Friday, August 20, 2021, the Dollar, Bs. 87,750.00. Dolartoday.

Delicious dollar

The delicious dollar showed $ 4,300,000.00 in Bolivar at 8.16am (Venezuela time).

Venezuela News

Chairman of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, This Thursday, August 19, announced a reform of his government, which included a replacement Jorge Arresa Minister of Foreign Affairs, a current Ambassador to China; Felix placenta.

Maduro made the announcement via surprise and via Twitter, where he announced that he would be occupying the Ministry of Industry and National Production, which is considered the closest person to the foreign minister and president since 2017.

“With their work ethic, intelligence and commitment, we will move forward with greater vigor in reviving the country’s productive forces. Produce everything in Venezuela,” the president wrote on Twitter.

The promotion of Venezuela’s economy and industrial production has been one of the most talked about issues for months, and on the same Wednesday, he promised that “economic growth” was the “priority” of talks with opposition parties in Mexico.

Jorge Arresa is considered to be the closest person to the Savista leader. Photo: EFE

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