January 27, 2023


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Tom Brady and the Bucs find a way to beat the Saints on a game-winning TD in the dying seconds

Tom Brady and the Bucs find a way to beat the Saints on a game-winning TD in the dying seconds

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers The attack is unable to play well for 60 minutes. If this is going to happen, it will happen by this point in the season.

But all the Buccaneers needed Monday night to pull off a big win in the NFC South was playing well for about five minutes. And the greatest quarterback in NFL history was there to make sure it happened.

Tampa Bay, who trailed by 13 points late in the fourth quarter and appeared to have no chance on a touchdown shot, scored with three minutes left. Then the defense forced a quick kick and gave the ball back to her Tom Brady, who led a game-winning campaign. Brady may not be the same player he was two decades ago, but he still manages to have some magical moments. Brady hit running back Rashad White for a 6-yard touchdown run with three seconds left, and the extra point gave Tampa Bay a dramatic 17–16 victory. The Pirates improved to 6-6, and are in position to win a bad split.

ESPN said on its broadcast that the Pirates haven’t won when they’ve trailed by 8 or more points in the fourth quarter since 2012. They really didn’t have any winning business on Monday night. But when Brady needed to make a few plays at a hard time, he came along as he had so many times before.

Prior to Monday night, Brady was 0-37 in the regular season and 1-43 in the playoffs when trailing by 13 or more points in the fourth quarter, According to ESPN Stats & Info. The only win when facing this type of deficit before a comeback against the Saints was Super Bowl LI vs Atlanta Falcons.

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Bucs struggle to move the ball

The game started well for the pirates. They had a 16-play, 72-yard drive, and although it ended with a field goal, it was a positive start.

Then Tampa Bay stopped scoring. For the rest of the half, they had three balls, an interception and a kneeling to end the first half.

New Orleans wasn’t much better on offense but the Saints hit 30 yard touchdown to Tesum Hill. They got a field goal late in the first half and took a 10-3 halftime lead. Offensively the performance wasn’t great, but the defense kept the Saints in the game.

The Saints haven’t done much right this season, but coach Dennis Allen has been great against Tampa Bay during the Brady era. Last season, the Saints knocked out the Pirates 9-0. Since joining the Buccaneers, Brady is only 1-4 against the Saints in the regular season coming into the day (although the Bucs did win a playoff against New Orleans on their way to a Super Bowl title).

For about 55 minutes, it looked like Allen had Brady’s number again and the Saints, who were 4-8 coming into the game, would get back into the NFC South race with a big win. But Brady somehow found a way.

Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a big win over the Saints. (Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

Box, Tom Brady have a nice win

There didn’t seem to be much hope for the Buccaneers after the Saints took a 16-3 lead in the fourth quarter. The offense was unable to maintain the drive and the defense looked exhausted and was unable to get off the field in the second half. The Saints have had two marathon runs. Both drives ended in field goals but it wasn’t like Tampa Bay was scoring quickly. or at all.

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In the fourth quarter, with about seven minutes left, the Buccaneers faced fourth and 10 in their own territory. Brady tried to pressure the coaches to do so. Tampa Bay left the offense on the court for a moment, then sent the team a punt. It made sense to go there, but Buccaneers coach Todd Bowles gambled and relied on his defense.

Finally the pirates came alive in the attack. They scored with three minutes left in the match. pass interference enters a long pass to Mike Evans Set up a 1-yard touchdown pass to a tight end Kid Otton. The Pirates had three points to force a punt next, with a slam dunk from a safety Keanu Neil Great knocking Andy Dalton An incomplete pass from Hill’s hand. That gave Brady the chance to get out of a game that was incredibly ugly for Tampa Bay within three and a half quarters.

Brady came alive in the two-minute drill. Scotty Miller caught a kickoff down to the Saints’ 20-yard line. Julio Jones He made the circus hold the 5-yard line with about 30 seconds left. Chris Goodwin He caught what could have been a touchdown but let go of the tackle Donovan Smith He was called for a penalty, which put the Buccaneers in a tough spot. Did not matter. Brady threw another touchdown pass.

The Buccaneers are not very good this season. But they will probably go to the playoffs. And Brady showed he can still make some memories. He’s 45 years old, and he’s still adding to his legacy.