May 31, 2023

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TOKYO 2020: Politicians Condemn False Social Attacks Against South Korean Medal Winner

Several politicians today condemned the South Korean archer’s misguided attacks A chan, Won two gold in Olympic Games Of Tokyo 2020, Suffered on the internet for things written on his haircut or on his social networks.

A chan She received numerous attacks on her Instagram profile, as well as on other social networks accusing her of hating the male leader, who wore short hair or used some expressions on her online profiles related to feminism and criticism of patriarchy South Korea.

The ruling Democratic Party (PDP), which can be read on the MP’s Facebook profile today, said:

Woo athlete Park Hee-moon recalled competing in it Tokyo 2020 When shooting with an air rifle at 10 meters, he also gets this kind of criticism, and as a father of a daughter, it breaks his heart to see these behaviors.

In the case A chanSome of these critics called the Korean Archery Association (KAA) and asked them to return their medals.

The attacks prompted thousands of messages on the KAA website asking for the archer to be protected.

More reactions

In turn, Minority and Progressive Justice Party (BJP) MP Sim Sang-jung defended A chan The Korean Olympic and Sports Committee called on Twitter to respond strongly to the attacks.

Misconception and anti-feminism is a very widespread phenomenon South KoreaThe country ranks 102nd out of 156 in the latest global gender gap report.

Studies conducted in recent years indicate that these trends are more prevalent among young people (50-75% of South Korean men in their 20s and 40s consider themselves anti-feminist). (EFE)

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