May 28, 2023

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Today’s viral video | The story of a passenger who saw the driver drunk and took the wheel of the bus he was traveling in | YouTube | Bolivia | Trends | Trends | nnda nnrt | Social media

A passenger on an intermediate bus who noticed the driver and his co-pilot were drunk was forced to take the lead in the unit. This extraordinary event happened And this Shares that What happened generated different reactions in more than one .

“We came to Kamarko We saw that the driver could not (drive) anymore, he was not in normal conditionEfron Quispe said he unexpectedly became the leader of the faction covering the La Paz-Tarija route.

Citizen, praised for his actions And other similar sites, commented The experience of driving large vehicles helped him cope.

As mentioned , Other passengers expressed their annoyance because the trip would end in tragedy. “We are not inventory”Said one of them.

It should be noted that the bus driver and co-pilot from San Roque are already being investigated by authorities.

What is a viral video?

One It is becoming a record on more than one social network and on the internet in general. They are short films that can be recorded both professionally and at home and, in a matter of seconds, are shared by thousands and / or millions of users around the world and are widely reproduced.

The , Often, they tend to show people’s lives in their most honest state, which leads the person watching them to empathize with the protagonist of the clip at that time, and encourages them to share it with all of their friends on their respective social media accounts.

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We have Of animals, usually appear on different social sites and, according to the website This type of content is called ‘win to win’, so it’s no surprise that they usually appear on the internet all the time.

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