September 26, 2022

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Today is Tuesday, March 22 the morning dollar price in Peru

This morning Tuesday, March 22The Dollar It offers a S / 3,782 price on an inter-bank level.

East Exchange rate Seen in yesterday’s exchange session, the Peruvian market saw a slight increase in prices by only 0.02%.

With this price increase, Green backThe currency is at a three-week high.

Despite yesterday’s results, it is still estimated at 2022 Dollar It accumulates a total decline of 5.22% over what was announced at the end of 2021.

To reduce the rise, yesterday The Central Reserve Bank (BCR) S / 200 swap exchange (fixed rate) intervention in 1 year for 200 million. In the end, the average price of US $ 367 million was traded at S / 3.7875.

According to Reuters, most of the currencies in yesterday’s session Latin America They closed with gains against the dollar earlier in the week.

Currencies also rose due to the increase Oil prices And other raw materials such as the EU countries weighing in on joining the US over the oil embargo on Russia.

Investors are intent on being cautious in the event of a resurgence of animosity between them Russia And the United States.

Russia said on Monday it had summoned its ambassador United StatesJohn Sullivan, US President Joe Biden’s comments on Vladimir Putin have brought bilateral relations to the brink of collapse and put more pressure on the conflict in Ukraine.

“Diplomatic talks between Russia and Ukraine Will continue to be one of the market’s leading players this week, “said Pierre Veyret of ActivTrades.

Despite the international trend, in Peruvian market The sun was eroding due to a series of political problems.

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In recent days, more uncertainty has developed due to the crisis and downturn in Petropavlovsk. Credit rating Peru’s “BBB +” to “BBB” and its long-term rating in local currency from “A-” to “BBB +”.

“This underestimation is due to the withdrawal of pensions and Peru’s dependence on existing external funding. Due to these factors, distrust among investors is creating growth limits in Peru,” said Alison Perez, foreign exchange trader at Renda4SAP.

How much is the dollar today in Peru

The last report specifies how much $ .pe is Money changers The dollar purchase price averaged S / 3.76 to S / 3.79.

At the same time Digital transfer homesThe Greenback was reportedly bought for S / 3.77 and sold for approximately S / 3.80.

Remember that this morning Dollar price It has not provided any change yet, but prices will fluctuate as soon as today’s trade starts at around 9:00 am.