January 24, 2022


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TikTok | Delivery Man Goes Viral By Showing What Some Customers Do To Fool Employees | Trends | Nnda nnrt | செக்கா

A native of Oregon, USA, who works as a food delivery staff The way some customers deceive workers to get their order quickly. The video posted by Owen Lindstrom on the aforementioned site has gone viral with over 4.8 million views.

The user in question was challenged to work 100 days using UberEats and DoorDash applications. Despite earning $ 17,000 at the time, he noticed something he described “Tip bait”.

As he explains, Some customers offer great tips when ordering, In an effort to encourage drivers to accept orders quickly; But despite that, Once the food is served, the customer holds the entire tip.

“In food delivery applications, customers have the ability to increase or decrease post-delivery tips”, Explico Lindstrom. “Dip bait is a great way for a customer to get their food done quickly and take it last. While it is good to hold the tip over the customer’s head and protect the customer from bad service, it also serves as a great opportunity to mislead the driver..

Food Delivery Boy Reveals How Some Customers Cheat Workers To Get Their Order Quickly

Its release became a trend and created disagreements among users. While some sympathized with him, others supported the move, saying customers had the right to change the amount if the service was unsatisfactory.

“I hate when they do that”Said one. “Tipping is not automatic or guaranteed. A tip is a reward for excellent service, not trivial or basic!”Said one Netizen. “Thanks for the info, I use this trick to get my food fast”Made fun of another. “You inspire yourself”Fourth comment.

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