June 8, 2023


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The young man dies after jumping into a vacuum without ropes while practicing bungee jumping

Yesenia Morales Gomes, 25-year-old lawyer, died last Sunday, July 18, in the municipalities of Amage and Fredonia Colombia After accidentally jumping into a vacuum while practicing a sport called bungee jumping, it became very popular Bungee jumping.

The young woman had gone with her boyfriend to enjoy the act La Empressa Sky Bungee Jumping. It is located on the Viaduct of the old Antigua railway line between the aforementioned municipalities.

This game is a saddle from a bridge and tied with ropes and legs and feet. However, some of those who came there told the local media Morales does not yet have full safety equipment, So when the instructor pointed out that they were ready to go, the lawyer confused the instructions and started when he actually addressed another person who had already tied up all the equipment and ropes.

According to local media, Amage municipal firefighters said they received an emergency call, indicating a woman had jumped from a viaduct. “We made an assessment because he is still alive, but unfortunately he no longer has any major symptoms, and then we recovered the body,” they said in a statement.

“He approached the publishing site and already had the stuff, he starts from one moment to the next. The boyfriend tells me they heard something. In this case it’s an order. He says. Andres, Brother of Yeshenia, In the local newspaper, El Timpo.

Andres also commented that the company is a team Sky bungee jumping He went downstairs and saw her, they disbanded her army, and he never saw them again. It is known that there is no report from the company and for this reason, Yesinia’s family is planning to take legal action against him.

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Confused, her boyfriend immediately went in search of Yesinia and revived her heart, but it was too late because she was dead.

According to medical analysis, The woman may not have died from the impact on the ground, but due to a heart block When I was falling.

On the other hand, the investigation conducted after the accident revealed that the company that ran the game did not have legal permission.