May 31, 2023

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The United States is urging Russia to withdraw from Ukraine to avoid a confrontation

To us This Friday was stressed Russia Take a step back Ukraine With tensions escalating, he stressed that conflict could be avoided Moscow To mobilize Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.

“We strongly encourage Russia We need to get it back and find a solution through diplomacy, “said General Mark Millie, chief of staff of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The top U.S. general emphasized that the use of force was “always” a last resort: “Success here is through dialogue.”

Millie expressed American concern that about 100,000 Russian troops were concentrated on the border. UkraineWhich includes land, aircraft, navy, special and cyber forces.

In fact, he promised that Russian soldiers from time immemorial had such a large concentration War Cold.

“It’s bigger in size and purpose than anything we’ve seen in recent memory, and I think you should go back to those days. Cold War See something of this size, “he said.

With Millie, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin appeared at the same press conference, stressing that a confrontation with Russia was inevitable, although Washington warned that it would support its NATO allies in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine.

In this sense, Austin promised EE.UU. Provided by Moscow “The way out of the crisis and towards greater security”.

Owner Preservation In response to the Russian mobilization on the border with Ukraine, Washington has confirmed that it has not deployed troops, despite currently deploying 8,500 troops. EE.UU“High alert” for possible deployment in the East Europe.

Austin explained if finally EE.UU Manda Sending troops would be aimed at supporting NATO.

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Millie added that the U.S. Armed Forces were “increasing their production levels” in the face of a fictitious Russian attack, and that there was “now a small group of military advisers”. EE.UU And NATO, in addition to instructors, in Ukraine.

To us Contains zero combat weapons systems, standing forces or bases UkraineSaid the head of the Coalition.


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