May 28, 2023

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The United States has hit the suspect with a drone at the Kabul airport

United States The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base, killing at least 170 people, including 13 U.S. soldiers. Acceptance, U.S. military spokesmen said.

The target was the head of the Afghanistan branch Islamic StateThe operation, which was blamed for the attack, took place in the eastern province of Nangajar AfghanistanAnd according to sources the Islamic leader may have been beaten and killed.

The attack was launched from the outside Afghanistan, The first in the U.S. military since Thursday’s suicide bombing at Kabul airport.

Senior health officials from the previous Afghanistan administration told the AFP on SaturdayThe death toll was more than 100, Including 13 American soldiers. Some media outlets talk about more than 170 deaths.


After the attack Islamic State Del Corason (EI-K), Branch of this group in Pakistan and AfghanistanPresident Joe Biden has promised to retaliate.

“We will hunt them down and make them pay,” he said in a speech after the deadly coup against the US military. Afghanistan Since 2011.

According to Washington, the risk of attacks continues. “We still believe there are specific and credible threats,” U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby warned Friday.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said another attack was “possible” and that the next few days were “the most dangerous period to date.”

Airport control

Friday night, just before the attack, at the U.S. Embassy Acceptance It urged its citizens to leave the airport “immediately”.

Due to threats to the security of the airport AcceptanceWe continue to advise U.S. citizens to avoid going to and from airport gates, “the embassy said.

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Various mixed news from Taliban The United States and the United States escalated tensions just days before the August 31 deadline for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan after 20 years of war, marking the end of the evacuations.

The Taliban, through their spokesman Bilal Karimi, said they were in control of “three key bases in the airport’s military area” in Kabul.

Soon after, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby denied that the Taliban were responsible for “any gate” or “any airport operation”.

However, Friday passed relatively quietly Acceptance, Especially around the airport, planes chartered by Western powers resumed their operations early in the morning, albeit at a slower pace than the previous days.

U.S. General Hong Taylor said 5,400 more people were waiting to board the plane at the airport complex, noting that the evacuations would continue “until the last minute.”

More than 109,000 people have been evacuated since August 14, the day before the Taliban entered Kabul, according to the latest US government figures. (With EFE and AFP information)