May 19, 2022

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The story of the granddaughter who blessed her marriage to her terminal cancer grandmother in a hospital room | Instagram | Viral | USA | nnda | nnni | Viral

There are unforgettable moments in life, but they become magical when you share them with the people you love. It is the story of a couple who changed their location at the last minute to fulfill a granddaughter’s dream, who was eager to see her granddaughter get married, but was hospitalized after battling terminal lung cancer. A few days before his death, doctors at the Methodist Hospital in Northeast Texas found Avis Russell dressed in white, and family members gathered to cheer him on. His It came out Move thousands of people around the world on social media.

Sean Upton A young woman who prepared everything to get married Will Chandler, Her high school boyfriend, but on that special day she is going to lose her beloved grandmother who was losing her fight against the disease. After hearing the latest reports from the experts, the couple decided to proceed with the marriage and were blessed.

The story of a magical surprise

“At the beginning of her admission to Avis Hospital, her nurses asked her what was most important to her, and her response was to see her granddaughter get married., Emily McLaughlin, Communications Director, Methodist Healthcare Hospital The Epoch Times Via email.

That life Avis Russell As it was disappearing, his daughter Tanya decided to contact the group that cared for her mother to raise the desire to arrange a wedding at the hospital, which gave them excitement and they were engaged in work to change the atmosphere for the ceremony.

This is where everyone joins in a big surprise: the medical team moves the grandmother to a room on the first floor “His transfer was due to a maintenance issue” All the family members gathered in front of his window to see the vows of Sean Upton and Will Chandler.

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“While she was comfortable and reassured, wedding planning began.”Emily McLaughlin added.

Emotional ‘Yes, I Accept’

For their wedding, Sean Upton chose a white dress, not to mention the wedding cake, flowers and the priest for the union, all of which were coordinated by Tanya. Hospital staff helped turn a break room into a ‘reception hall’.

The granddaughter entered “Walking down the hall” He was married in front of his grandmother. “When the virtual meeting started, the group opened blindfolded and Avis looked out the window at his family and friends.”Emily added about the emotional ceremony.

After “Yes, I agree”, Sean stayed in his grandmother’s bed all day. “It was a beautiful experience for everyone”, Said the hospital’s communications director.

Unfortunately, terminal lung cancer took hold last June 20, just days after Avis Russell’s wedding, when he received painkillers. The staff at Methodist Healthcare Hospital wanted the world to hear about this amazing story by posting bad pictures on Instagram on July 2: “Avis spent his last moments on this earth celebrating and loving his granddaughter.”.

The story of this family filled thousands of Americans with emotion after various media outlets , Echoed how hospital staff and family members helped fill his last days happily, despite how tired his body was in battling cancer and chemotherapy.