December 8, 2021

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The story of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and the notepad she uses while eating at Buckingham Palace | British Royal Family | Royals | Royalty | nnda | nnni | People

Interesting details. Life It is full of interests and mysteries expressed from time to time by the employees who worked in the royalty service. As you know you do not have or need a driver’s license She broke up with Philippe de Edinburgh a few hours after her marriage, and it is known that she is always focused on fulfilling her diet and the foods she cannot eat. Precisely, the king has a small book of notes that he keeps close to his position in the dining room of Pingham Palace, and what is she using it for?

திருவிதா | How much do you know about Queen Elizabeth II of England?

Some time ago, Darren McGrady, her former private chef, mentioned that she was not interested in gastronomy because she “eats to live” and often chooses For dinner make potatoes, rice and pasta discarded place, but chicken with salad.

“The Queen’s menus are prepared three or more days in advance, and she sticks to them religiously.”Revealed.

Tips for cooks

Charles Oliver, former civil servant Isabel II, He said in his book “Dinner at Buckingham Palace” A fairy tale: The day the queen found a dead snail on her plate and got an unexpected answer using her notebook.

As collected by specific and British media The king and her late husband Edinburgh Philip They ate together with a notebook, and they took notes of their food and sent them back to the cooks.

“Once, on torn top paper, Lakis found the body of a puddle,” Charles Oliver wrote in the book, “I found this in salad, can you eat it?” , Near the body of the animal.

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As British cultural researcher Brian Kozlovsky described the moment, it was not just the former civil servant who mentioned it. “Strange” In his book “Long live the Queen: 23 rules to live by Britain’s longest living monarch”.

As for the notebook, Charles Oliver, because it is normally empty “She doesn’t care about food”But you use it to make notes to future kitchen staff about your guests ’cooking preferences or dislikes.

“It was duly booked by the kitchen and will be remembered when the guest returns”, Wrote.

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