June 26, 2022


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The song you want to know: Nayeon, "Pop!"

The song you want to know: Nayeon, “Pop!”

K-pop girl group twice They’ve been prolific since their debut in 2015, and this year was no different. They’re already one of the most popular girl groups in Asia, and they’ve been welcomed with open arms here in the US North America Tour Out of stock Only a few months ago, only to go back Two shows appearing At Bank of California Stadium. Although the band put the music into unofficial sub-units for their latest album, Love formula: O + T = < 3, None of the members have had solo music – yet.

Nayeonthe group’s oldest member, is making her solo debut today with an EP, Im Nayeon. Main song – “Pop!” – Evokes Twice classics, from the fun bubblegum rhythm to the addictive melody and sweet lyrics. In true Twice style, the song’s video is a sight you don’t want to stray from for a second: colorful visuals, stunning sets, playful choreography, and costumes reminiscent of glamour. High School Musical number. Standing alone without her eight bandmates for the first time, Nayeon manages to fill the stage on her own and prove that each member of Twice brings something unique to the table.

The song is a great introduction to Nayeon as a soloist, not to mention the pop that will keep us cool all summer long. The lyrics, in both Korean and English, are about sparking a love interest who wasn’t great at hiding his feelings. She sings “It’s too late for you to run away from me.” “Your trembling looks, your clear nods baby/ I want to pop you.”

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