December 8, 2021

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The reason why Queen Elizabeth II of England did not cry in public | British Royal Family | Royals | Royalty | நந்த ண்ணி | The world

Did you notice this description? We know many stories about the Queen : From how you choose the clothes you wear everyday, , How his funeral will be on the day he is absent. But many followers of the British royal family in particular have commented that this is not necessarily true: Why can’t the queen cry in public. These are the experts .

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“He cried more times than people thought”Sally Fidel Smith, the Queen’s famous biography and some members of the British royal family, revealed. It happened at his sister’s funeral, Margaret of the United Kingdom, in 2002, people seated next to the Queen expressed to Petal Smith “very tears” and “I was very sad to see her”.

But many believe the idea is that the Queen of England rarely breaks down and shows emotion in general That was the reason for his 69-year throne. Although it is known that the king strictly adhered to the rules and ethics of British royalty, Elizabeth II commanded for many years and helped him learn to hide his feelings when necessary.

Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom during the funeral of her husband Philip of Edinburgh. (Photo: AFP)

Another occasion for Elizabeth II to alleviate her pain and keep her peace was on April 17 when her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, died at the age of 99. 94-year-old king She was very calm and quiet During the ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew of Prince York, revealed details of how the Queen was in those days. “The Queen is, surprisingly, an incredible Stoic person.”Said the Duke of York. She explained [la muerte de Felipe] Like a great emptiness that lingers in his life. But we, her family, those closest to us, came together to make sure we supported her. “.

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