May 28, 2023

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The Peruvian Soul is the second most devalued currency in Latin America by 2021. Dollar | NNTC | Economy

The This is the lowest rated currency in Latin America so far this year, according to The Economist’s Big Mac Index.

This study evaluates the depreciation figures of different world currencies in relation to the purchasing power of each country. In that sense, considering how much money it takes to buy a big Mac, a McDonald’s hamburger, is US $ 5.65 in the US.

According to The Economist analysis, a large Mac in Peru costs between S / 12.90 and the difference between this and the actual exchange rate of US $ 3.95. Thus, it is clear that Peru Sol is underestimated by 42.2%.

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This report is taken into account Transfer rate Recorded until the end of June, so the devaluation of the Peruvian currency may be higher, taking into account that the value of the dollar has been higher than the S / 4 since the end of July.

It also points out that the Mexican peso, which fell 43.7% as of June, is the most devalued currency in the region.

Meanwhile, Uruguay (-9.5%) and Brazil (-22.8%) recorded lower ratings.

However, the most appreciated currency against the US dollar is the Venezuelan bolivar, which has risen 47.7% over Switzerland (24.7%), Norway (11.5%) and Sweden (9, 6%).

Experts point out that this is due to the “real dollarization” taking place in Venezuela. Currently, most transactions in that country are no longer done under the sovereign Bolivar, but under the dollar.

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