January 18, 2022


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The pastor who resurrected on the third day and buried himself alive and tried to “follow Jesus” died James Sahara | Viral Video | Trends | nnda nnrt | Social Websites

Pastor of Champion Church () Was buried alive at the request of his church members in an attempt to prove his ability to imitate the resurrection of Jesus Christ; However, three days later, he died.

The man, identified as James Sahara, 22, persuaded members of his Church of Zion congregation in the city of Sidiza, where he would be buried with his hands tied. Although at first his followers disagreed, the man’s hope of recovering from the dead ended up following his instructions.

Seventy-two hours had passed since then, and the pastor found that his resurrection promise had not been fulfilled, and his church members found him and found his body. According to local media, the believers failed “continuous spiritual exercises to revive him.”

After learning of what happened, local authorities filed charges against three people who buried the pastor, one in custody and the other two currently being searched and arrested by police.

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