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The Lord of the Skies: How Amado Carrillo died in real life | Netflix soap operas Mexico | Nnda nnlt stories | Fame

It has been one of the most successful drugs in recent years. Telemundo’s production, which allowed Rafael Amaya to become famous, became an international event, thanks to its great story, the head of Juarez Cardinal, the leader of the powerful cocaine smuggler Amato Guerrelo Fundes in Mexico. About $ 25,000 million.

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Known as the Mexican drug lord , A nickname he earned for owning the smallest light aircraft for transport from Colombia to Mexico and the United States. The DEA said Kingpin had at least 30 aircraft, some of which were Boeing 727s, from which he removed fuselage, seats and everything needed to carry drugs.

His criminal career ended on July 4, 1997 Amado Carrillo Fuentes Died in Mexico. But how did the drug death happen? Here we tell you all the details.

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“Lord of the Heavens”: How Amado Carrillo died in real life

On July 3, 1997, Amato Guerrero, falsely known as Antonio Flores Montez, was admitted to Santa Manica Hospital in a special area of ​​Bolango, Mexico City. Avoid face and authorities in Mexico and the United States.

The surgery will be the responsibility of Colombian doctor Ricardo Reyes, but during the surgical intervention something went wrong and Kabo died due to the remains of anesthetic type pharmacological agents, according to the autopsy report released at the time.

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Amado Carrillo’s death was announced at Room 407 at 06:00, when no one was with him. Thus, the Drug Lord died on July 4, 1997 at the age of 40.

Amado Guerrilla with a plane in his navy (Photo: AFP)

It is believed that the death of Amado Carrillo was not an accident, but was planned by members of another cartel. Police are well aware of the suspicion that this may have been a murder. As well as the suspicion that he is alive.

Amato Guerrero’s family confirmed his death on July 4, and the body was transferred to the Garcia Lopez Funeral Home in the capital, from where the death certificate was taken to his own Sinaloa room.

Despite the suspicions and rumors, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) confirmed the death of the drug. Thomas Constantine, then director, confirmed: “He may be the most important drug lord in Mexico,” he pointed out to the international media at the time.

The surgeons for Amato Guerrero were assassinated four months later. On a Sunday in November 1997, police found human remains on the road belonging to the bodies of three doctors responsible for drug operations.

It was on the highway from Mexico City to the tourist port of Agapulco, where human remains wrapped in drums were dropped. A stench and bloodstains caught the attention of passing officers. There the police opened one, broke the cement and found human remains.

At Iguala’s forensic medical service, they extracted two other bodies from two unopened drums. The victims were identified as three tall men with signs of torture, officers Jaime Godoy, Carlos Evila and Ricardo Reyes.

Body of Carrillo Fuentes in the Attorney General's Office (Photo: AFP)
Body of Carrillo Fuentes in the Attorney General’s Office (Photo: AFP)