September 29, 2022

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The government has approved the budget bill for 2023, how much will be allocated next year?

President Pedro Castillo announced this Cabinet Bills passed for BudgetFinancial balance and credit for 2023.

The documents, which will be sent to Congress in the next few hours, prioritize the sectors Health and EducationHow many resources will be provided?

The Minister of Labor and Employment Development said, Alexander SalasThe 2023 General Budget Project is over S/ 214 billion.

9% more than the no Budget This is established in 2022, which means that S/ 17 billion will be provided more than this year.

According to Salas, the minister Curt Burneau He explained to the cabinet that the increase was due to the reactivation of the country’s economy and growth that was “always better”.

In addition, he pointed out that there will be a focus on projects involving resources Intervals Infrastructure in areas of high need, particularly in the health and education sectors, is an item that always receives the largest transfers.

It should be remembered that this budget is limited taking into account the bill Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework (MMM)A document containing economic forecasts for the coming years.

In a recent presentation by MMM, Burnio commented in a matter-of-fact way Public sector budget 4% growth in 2023 compared to this year.

“There will definitely be a growth General budgetIn real terms, the growth will be 4%, which is not excessive. But the most important thing is that the budget is supposed to maintain the approved fiscal deficit line for 2023, which is 2.4%,” Burnio said.

It is noteworthy that the amount raised by FEMand approved by the administrator, may vary.

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When will the budget be defined?

After getting the approval of the draft budget in the cabinet, the government has to present the initiative Legislative power.

Then, in September, Minister Kurt Bernio must support the Congress Ra Chi Thu Ministers who are called to the Budget before the Plenary Session and then to the Budget Committee must support the resources requested for their departments.

Initiatives should be discussed CongressIt may include other works or projects being analyzed.

Finally, this 2023 budget legislation must be approved by the full session of Congress by the end of November.