May 31, 2023

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The Fourth Power Journalists announce their arrival with a new project

Central ideaThe new press release, announced via Twitter, will feature the work of Guardo Poder’s leading former journalists, such as Clara Elvira Ospina. Rene Castellumantic, Including Anuska Bhuvenlook, who split from Sunday during the last election campaign.

This independent program promises to provide information that includes research, interviews, analysis and more.

“We return to move the floor for many”, Which reads in the publication on the social network of the aforementioned press space.

In addition, a teaser of what the project will be was also shared. “Investigation, interviews, secrets of power, statements, analysis, freedom. With you soon ”, mention the press in the video.

Recall that, in a statement, former journalists of American TV described their resignation as a disagreement with the new news line and “events that clashed with the company’s governing policies.”

“The reasons for our disagreement with the new information tax were communicated to the Board of Directors in two letters, in which we described events that conflicted with the company’s governing policies, right to information and press ethics. Last day. In order to set this decision aside, the company agreed with us,” the document reads. Daniel Yovera.

“In practice, they were fired as a result of a letter sent to the Television Team of the United States, in which they also warned of incidents that would contradict the pluralism of the press in the last phase of the election campaign,” they add.

What journalists came out of Quarto Poder?

A document was released weeks ago in which the resignation of the majority of journalists who formed the Fourth Power News Group was announced due to disagreements over managing the direction of the press.

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Among the spokespersons who spoke out against the actions taken by Gilberto Hume during the 2021 elections were: Anuska Buenelouc, Rene Costelmundi, Daniel Yovera, Carlos Hidalgo, Luis Miranda, Cecilia Zulotta, Modelte Choto, Jose Hidalgo Rodriguez, David Gomez and Carlos Mariola.

The fourth Power Journalists to sign the letter were sent to the Directors of the Television Board of America. Photo: Twitter Capture

The Fourth Power began a new phase with Sebastian Salazar as the conductor

After a group of journalists and a group of Mavila Hortas, he was the main presenter The fourth Power, Sebastian Salazar presented the program as a new person in front of the screens and the program took a turn.

Federico Salazar’s son had a unique first appearance in the space set, however, reiterating his commitment to authenticity and quality of information.

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