June 8, 2023


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The farmer who eats the whole cow and the python snake explodes and records it | Interests | Viral Video | Social Networks | Thailand | nnda nnrt | LOCOMUND

Pictures of a python exploding after eating a cow From And others After a farmer from Thailand spotted a reptile in a terrifying condition and decided to erase that moment on cameras, it generated various reactions and curiosities.

After recording the scene as the dangerous animal protagonist, the man came to comment: “The பிடன் He must have been hungry I saw the cow. He then strangled her before swallowing her whole body. It was a very scary scene.

But, beyond recording the event, The The farmer decided to remove both animals from the road, Burn them, and continue to bury other creatures that live in the area to prevent them from smelling.

Is known to have occurred in Pitsanulok (Thailand), experts estimate that this Burmese mountain snake must have been a size 4 meters on average Because, only if this condition is met, it can swallow a cow or a large animal.

Images were first shared British tabloid Daily Mirror, But it soon transcended the limits of this communication medium and it spread to the most popular social networks. Video viral.

However, the reaction of social networking users has been very mixed; On the one hand, many were surprised by the incredible nature of the scene, while others admitted to feeling it “Hate” Not only because the farmer recorded it, but also because the video was released to the public.

Burmese snake can grow up to 6 meters.  (Photo: EFE)
Burmese snake can grow up to 6 meters. (Photo: EFE)

The The mountain snake is native to Southeast Asia, As well as environments close to rivers such as swamps and paddy fields; May be Measure over 6 meters With one Maximum weight 96 kg And his The average lifespan is 10 years (Although some know it reached 30).

The Mountain snakes have no venom, So your turn Preying on their prey is strangulation or restraintTheir regular diet is small lizards, rodents, young birds, young deer, small pigs, monkeys, ruminants and small crocodiles.

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