June 8, 2023


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Pablo, A. 2 years old, lost When a walk. But, without fear after the tragedy, the dog was able to come home, despite traveling 380 kilometers. The story of this little animal went viral on social media.

Catherine and Roger, their masters, traveled to Italy with their motor home and decided to stop at Saint-Martin-de-Belleville in the Savoy field. Pablo, their 2-year-old jacquard, walked alone while they stood motionless. When they realized, the media reported that the dog was lost and that it was very rare because it had always been next to its owners. .

The French portal reports that the couple decided to wait for their pet at the scene. “We waited for hours. We spent the night there without success,” they explain;

A text message changed everything

The hour passed and the anxiety increased; However, a few hours later something unusual happened. The couple’s friend, who is responsible for protecting their home in Kart City, sent them a photo that made them explode with joy.

“I recognized Pablo, I could not believe it, it was a real moment of joy.”Excited Catherine recalled. In the picture sent via SMS, the dog was seen at the entrance of his house, although he was in a very bad condition. Soon, they returned home and decided to put a GPS collar on Pablo so that he would not experience the same thing again.

As it matures the question arises: How did the dog find its way and return to its home with its owners? “Swallowed nearly 380 kilometers between these 3 axes between Saint-Martin-de-Belleville and Bezos”The couple says they can’t find an explanation for what happened. The truth is, Pablo’s case shows how clever some dogs are, to look at themselves and to remember the path they have traveled before.

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