May 31, 2023

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The balance of the jihadi attack in Kabul rose to 85 and more than 160 people were injured

At least 85 people, including 13 American soldiers, were killed in the ambush Suicide bombing Requested by the jihadist group Islamic State (No) At the airport Acceptance, Thousands of foreigners seeking to escape from the new Taliban regime and the suffering multiplied several days after the expulsion of Afghanistan ended.

The Try, Which caused more than 160 injuries, sowing chaos and desolation in thousands in Afghanistan, in the hope of being able to get to the country’s only exit gateway, one of the departing planes from the West. .

Videos posted on social media echo that panic: Dozens of victims, dead or injured, A drainage canal lying in dirty water, overflowing and surrounded by lifeguards. Men, women and children fled the scene in fear.

“Many of the victims were women and children. Most of the people were shocked and shocked,” a government official who was fired by the Taliban in mid-August told AFP on Friday. Attacks At least 72 deaths and more than 150 were injured, according to information gathered at local hospitals.

13 of them are included U.S. Army Killed and 18 wounded, the biggest loss to the U.S. military Afghanistan Since 2011.

At the worst moment since the start of his term, the president was shocked Joe Biden He promised those involved in the attack to “go back.” And “pay” for their effects. “United States He will not be intimidated, “said the President.

With tears in his eyes, Biden paid a heartfelt tribute to the soldiers who died on Thursday, saying, “Heroes were engaged in a dangerous and virtuous mission to save the lives of others.”

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Condemnation and fear of new attacks

United States, Expecting IS attacks to “continue”, explaining that Thursday’s attacks were carried out by two comics belonging to a jihadist group and that further shootings took place.

The attack, which provoked unanimous condemnation around the world, confirmed fears just hours before several Western countries recommended that their citizens stay away from the airport.

The Taliban, Through their spokesman Jabihullah Mujahid, strongly condemned the attack, but noted that it “took place in an area where US forces are responsible for security.”

The airport is the last place in the country where foreign troops are integrated United StatesOn August 15, the Taliban entered Kabul and regained power.

The jihadist group is responsible for the bloody attacks carried out in the name of IS-K (Islamic State Corazon). Afghanistan In recent years, they have killed dozens, especially among Shia Muslims.

Although both are extreme Sunnis, IS and The Taliban They are enemies of each other and show innate hatred for each other.

America and when Taliban The deal to attract taxes to withdraw foreign troops was closed in 2020, with IS accusing them of abandoning the jihadi cause. (AFP)

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