September 29, 2022

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The 1972 Jeopardi rider returns for a second chance to win

The 1972 Jeopardi rider returns for a second chance to win

What is perseverance?

“Risk!” The contestant is back to get her crown back – 50 years later.

Game show winner Martha Bath in 1972 returned to add more dough to her winnings.

Bath told host Ken Jennings on Wednesday evening episode: “Fifty years ago this spring, I was at the original daytime show with Art Fleming in New York.”

In general, the danger! “Appearances are one for a client,” Jennings joked.

Back in the day, the now retired CPA netted $40 and a bunch of encyclopedias. Inflation Calculation$40 would be about $283 today.

The Seattle, Washington native doubled her winnings with the query: “Perhaps the most famous photograph of him was taken in New Jersey in 1951 where he was annoyed by the paparazzi on his seventy-second birthday.”

This made her the heroine of the game show and she replied, “Who is Einstein?”

Since she bet her prize in full, Bath’s score of $15,400 has increased to $30,800, and she’s managed to outpace previous winners Emmett Stanton and Christopher Bennant.

“Or, if we count 1972, $30,840,” Jennings said sarcastically. “This is much more than just a collection of encyclopedias.”

Bath also returned on Thursday’s episode, but was late in the final. She and her competitors, Michael Minkhos and Linda Tsuboi, answered the last question correctly.

Bath was able to add more to her earnings on Wednesday’s episode.

The quiz show asked the question: “In 2011, Leland, Mississippi, where Jim Henson grew up, honored Henson and his clients by renaming the bridge by that name as well.” Menchus and Bath came out victorious, and answered, “What is the rainbow link?”

However, Minkhos bet the most money and eventually won.

Social media fans erupted in joy online and praised Bath’s comeback.

One person WroteSad to see Emmett [Stanton] “Jeopardy” left soon but Martha Bath is very healthy and played really well. Good for her!”

“Martha Bath gets emotional after winning Jeopardy!, nearly 50 years after appearing in the Art Fleming version,” He said.

“I was stunned to hear that the woman who won just $40 and a bunch of encyclopedias 50 years ago on #Jeopardy is now a FLIPPIN Champion! Congratulations to Martha Bath of Seattle, Washington. Hats off to you, madam,” someone said. added.

coined another on Twitter“Congratulations Martha! Redemption after 50 years! Not only was you gorgeous, you looked radiant as you completed your brisk journey around the sun!”

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