August 8, 2022

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Thalita do Valle, a Brazilian model and sniper who died in a Russian bombing while fighting in Ukraine | War Russia – Ukraine | Kharkiv | Description | EC Stories | the world

Brazilian model and army volunteer Talitha do Valle In a war started by Vladimir Putin, he died in a Russian bombing in Kharkiv last Friday along with a comrade identified as Douglas Buriko. She was also a sniper.

Dalita and Douglas were killed in an attack by Russian forces in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city. According to reports from other Brazilians who were part of the same regiment, The shelter they were hiding in was bombed and the group fled to a bunker. However, on the spot, Dalita would have suffocated to death After the attack resulted in a fire, Douglas, meanwhile, was hit by mortars and shots in addition to burns while trying to save his colleague.

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“I am fighting for my two friends who fell in Ukraine. Talitha handled the logistics and provided support in the health area. Douglas Bourigo died trying to save her. Both died thinking of their neighbors more than themselves. God will accept you into His heavenly mansionA social network posted on Fábio Júnior de Oliveira, another Brazilian volunteer of the Ukrainian army.

@thazinhaaaaaaaaa Tzeram me: You didn’t go to Ukraine to help the defenseless; Animes, Kriyankas? Quem faulo que não? I’ve been here for almost a month! E vc faz por vc so ou faz something por alguém? I’m happy to be the only Brazilian (again) to be oiled up among all the batalhos, as well as the only Brazilian on our front line, not Iraqi…#Slavokrine #Battalion #lugardemulheréondeelaquiser ♬ We Are Original – @____crisleny_oliver_____@

Sandro Silva, another Brazilian volunteer in Ukraine, said he leads a platoon with dozens of Latinos, including nine Brazilians. According to Sandro, Talitha and Douglas have only been on the team for a short time, but they’ve already made “a difference”.

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“We were in a safe house and unfortunately they attacked us. People ran and helped us. I went one way, Talita went another way, but we ended up meeting, there was a fire, and Talita ended up in a bunker, suffocating, with lots of smoke. They managed to get her out intact, with minor burns all over her body and arms, but she suffocated. Douglas, unfortunately, went back into the house, followed her, and could not come out. He was hit by a mortar, resulting in several shots and some burns. So, both have been evacuated, both are in the mortuary, and the army is already taking care of them along with the family. They will take care of transporting the bodies to their native countries,” he explained.

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Background of the battlefield

To Wale had experience working in danger zones, such as in wars like Iraqi Kurdistan, or due to environmental disasters like Brumadino and Petropolis. These points are some of the ones the enthusiast has traveled to in recent years. On social networks, he shared part of his work, namely in a video uploaded to YouTube in September 2019, showing the front line from the place he controls in Iraq. Bhishmarka, a classification he used to identify himself in Tik Tok’s description. The term refers to the armed forces of the Kurds fought against the Islamic State, And it means “those who face death”.

Another post by Talitha, made in September 2019, shows a moment of interaction with her Yazidi children Affected by conflict:

Upon hearing the news of her death, friends and family took to social media to say goodbye and remember Talitha’s good deeds, such as in Mariana and Perumadino, Minas Gerais, where dams broke and large amounts of mud washed away everything. was on the way, and Petropolis, in Rio’s mountainous region, was hit by heavy rains that caused landslides and house collapses.

@thazinhaaaaaaaaa Commanding 41 civilian firefighters in a hot area of ​​Petropolis is a great job. I carry them all with me forever. Brave Homes. #forçapetropolis ♬ Everybody Hurts – R.E.M.

“Never mind. Great in its goodness and beauty, She is always ready to fulfill her humanitarian tasks and help others, animals and people. There he was in Mariana, Burumatino, Petropolis, Rio de Janeiro, Iran, Kurdistan… and on his last trip to Ukraine. He fought the good fight until the end of his journey on earth. Rest in peace my love, your light will never fade from our memory,” a friend from Brazil shared photos of the two together.

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In Brumadino, Talitha was involved in rescuing animals stuck in the mud. Another person who said goodbye to Talitha in a Facebook post was Bruno Lima, the state vice president in São Paulo, who is known for protecting animals. “We lost a best friend and protector of fighting animals in Ukraine. Russian missiles hit the camps where Dalita was staying in Kharkiv. to be at peace You have made a difference to so many people and animals on this earth,” he said.

She is a sniper

in youth, Dalita can do it He is a rescuer and participated in a mission against the Islamic State in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, which he described on his social networks and his YouTube channel.

There Trained as an elite sniper and coordinating the “Peshmerga”, Known as the Kurdish Armed Forces, which fought against the Islamic State.

“He was trained and took the necessary courses to go to the front line. However, when he entered the Kurdish army, he specialized in shooting accurately with long weapons. Dalita She belonged to the women’s army and was part of a front line with elite snipers,” her brother Theo Rodrigo Vieira explained in local media reports.

Government Edition

Brazil’s foreign ministry confirmed the deaths of Douglas and Talita in a statement released Tuesday night, which did not name the dead.

“Received by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Brazilian Embassy in Kyiv, Confirming the death of two Brazilian nationals on Ukrainian territory, As a result of the conflict in that country on July 1, it maintains contact with relatives to provide any assistance in accordance with current international agreements and local laws,” the text said.

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“It has been doing that since the beginning of the conflict, Idamaratti continues to strongly discourage Brazilians from traveling to Ukraine. Until there is adequate security conditions in the country,” the text added.

Brazilian volunteers Talitha Do Valle and Douglas Bourigo died in Ukraine on Friday.  (Facebook).
Brazilian volunteers Talitha Do Valle and Douglas Bourigo died in Ukraine on Friday. (Facebook).