November 28, 2022

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Jon Fingas

Tesla will launch a cheaper Model Y with bigger batteries soon

If you are eager to buy a Tesla EV with a company 4680 higher capacity battery cellsIt’s finally here – although you’ll likely have to wait a little while. Electric she has I learned Tesla is selling the Model Y in a new standard AWD variant that uses 4,680 cells to deliver 279 miles of range and a five-second time from 0 to 60 megapixels for $59,990 ($3,000 less than a Long Range AWD), but only for employees at the moment. A copy will be made available to buyers every day in the coming weeks, according to Electricsources in the company.

This Model Y also includes some features not seen in any previous trim level, like a magnetic center armrest and integral shelf. Tesla has reportedly delivered a handful of these electric vehicles to workers at its site.Giga RodeoIt happened in Texas last week.

The 4,680 cells are twice the size of current Tesla units, but five times the capacity. This allows Tesla to either expand the range of its vehicles or use fewer batteries to maintain the same range, which could cut costs. In the new Y version of the model, it is implemented in a chassis battery pack that will reduce complexity and weight, increasing efficiency.

As such, this Model Y isn’t so much a lineup expansion as an important step in Tesla’s product strategy. Although it may be a while before you see new battery technology hitting every Tesla EV, it should help keep pricing in check, improve range and eventually lead to A legendary car worth $25,000.

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