May 31, 2023

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Tebanhi Escobar | Mexico | “Don’t worry, we do not trust them”, Depanhi’s father shared the video on Instagram | Mario Escobar | New Lyon | Motel Nueva Castilla | The world

A video has been posted on the @ debanhi.escobar Instagram account, managed by her father Mario Escobar, which shows images and legends related to the violence experienced by women. “Don’t worry We do not trust them.

Throughout the three minutes, a woman’s voice is heard in the video as she tries to blame the victims, pointing out certain phrases or ideas that arise after a woman goes missing or murdered.

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“Mom, if I disappear one day, don’t trust them. No, I did not run with the boyfriend; No, she did not sell drugs or engage in illegal activities; No, she’s not a friend or girlfriend of any drug trafficker. “Some phrases heard in the post.

“This video is not my responsibility, but it is true that all the families of the missing are still alive. Missing women are guilty of the simple fact that they are women ”, Written by Mario Escobar.

The Instagram account has more than 650 thousand followers, through which the search for the 18-year-old girl began, she disappeared on April 9 after attending a party and 13 days later her body was found in a tub. In New Castle Motel.

Hours later, the video did not appear in @ debanhi.escobar’s account.

Tepanhi’s case crossed boundaries

The case of an 18-year-old girl who caused a great deal of controversy not only in the country but also in the world has spread to the first page as the government has not taken action to curb the rising number of murders of women in Mexico. American newspaper The New York Times.

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On the cover of its printed April 28 edition, it reads, “A woman goes missing in Mexico. She’s one in a thousand ”(a woman goes missing in Mexico. One in a thousand).

The note, signed by Oscar Lopez and illustrated by Alejandro Segra, presented the subject of what was known until the moment Tapanhi’s body was discovered. Missing incidents in Nuevo LyonThis includes the case of 26-year-old Yolanda Martinez, who went missing on March 31 and has not yet been found, as well as the case of Maria Fernandez Contreras, who went missing three days after Martinez. Lay dead.