March 26, 2023

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Teachers’ Salary January 2023: When are they paid fortnightly Ministry of Education | Teacher Salary | I pay teachers today | Ministry of Education | mppe news today | Venezuela | lrtm | Venezuela

Find out here all the details about the fortnight of payments for Venezuelan teachers, the date of which has already been announced by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of People Power Education (MPPE) Officially announced the date Bi-weekly pay for teachers Inside Venezuela. Taking to social media, the company announced the delivery date amid protests teachers It has been going on for weeks, for better pay and living standards in the Caribbean country.

Teachers in Venezuela have been on strike for weeks as they wait for their pay due in January 2023. Photo: Spread

Fees for Teachers: When is the fortnightly payment of the Ministry of Education of Venezuela?

Benefit payment Started today, January 25, And as announced by MPPE on its Telegram channel, it will peak on Thursday 26th.

What did the Ministry of Education pay today in 2023?

As informed by the government, it will be carried out Payment of wages and basket ticket for fortnightFor both faculty and management and labor.

Report of MPPE on fortnightly pay for teachers for the month of January 2023.  Photo: MPPE

Report of MPPE on fortnightly wages for teachers of January 2023. Photo: MPPE

How can I view my payment receipt from Ministry of Education?

According to MPPE, the Payment receipts Advice can be sought through the Employee Self-Management Platform, which you can find by clicking here Here.

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