October 19, 2021


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Synoform: Vaccine Critic Ernesto Fustamonde Meets Chinese Ambassador, This Is What Happened | Priority

Chairman of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Republican Congress, (Popular Force), held lengthy ethical meetings with Liang Yu, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Peru, and Li Yun, Political Adviser to that Asian country. This is the first time the country’s ambassador and congressman have spoken out after Fustamond’s harsh criticism of the Chinese vaccine. , When he was still a parliamentary candidate.

Sinoform vaccine: What you may not know about its effectiveness against Govit-19

This meeting took place as usual with the embassy representatives in our country at the request of the Ambassador.

Details of the appointment were discussed in the newspaper, said Congressman Fustamonde She touched on the subject of “openly” criticizing synoform.

It should be remembered that the former head of the National Institutes of Health (INS) said this publicly last March The Chinese vaccine can be compared to distilled water. “How is it possible for me to continue to give the vaccine that I know is like distilled waterHe said on the show.

The Chinese embassy in Peru rejected Fustamande’s criticism via Twitter. “Mr. Even worse if someone is dedicated to medicine and science. It is slander to accuse a company of corruption without any basis“, They said at the time.

I started the topic. The Chinese embassy and I had a series of exchanges on Twitter about my views on the vaccine when I was not yet a Member of Parliament. I told (the ambassador) that I knew that the Chinese embassy did not agree with my views, and I explained that these ideas are not political at all and they are not. I told him, now that I am a politician for the parliamentary seat, I have my technical side and I have expressed scientific criticism about the effectiveness of the CureVac vaccine which is technically (more) made in Germany and AstraZeneca.“, He pointed out.

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Reiterated passionately “Regarding the clinical trial of the synoform vaccine carried out at the University of Cayetano Heredia, I was critical of an initial test published by the same university, which indicates that the Wuhan strain behaves almost like distilled water. Not really working as a vaccine, and the other strain with a vaccine behavior in Beijing, but it is not optimal”.

According to Fustman, Ambassador Liang Yu responded The synoform vaccine is made according to inactivated virus technology. “I replied that this technology is 200 years old, it is still used, but there are still modern technologies. I know, I told him, there are two companies that make vaccines in China: Cancino and Sinovac. The second messenger begins to use RNA technology (such as Pfizer and Moderna). I told him that I hope Sinoform will start using that technology to reach the level of effectiveness of other vaccines.”.

“I have no anti-Chinese position”

Fustamond also said he had assured the Chinese delegation that he had no position against the country. “I have no position against China, and what is happening is that all my scientific views on the Chinese vaccine are made within the electoral context, so I have been cited for many reasons as those who have isolated many things that are politically convenient and against me. -V vaccine, when I have progesterone, but I have a good vaccineIf Peru has the option of choosing multiple vaccines, one that is better than the other, I still think the best vaccine for the Peruvian citizen is, right?”.

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“She is OK.Synoform (Beijing strain) is something that protects, unlike others, but it does protect”.

He (Ambassador) understood that my position was not anti-national or anti-Chinese or anti-geopolitical in Peru, which is what they initially explained, and they took my attack in quotation marks. China“When Against”A biological product”.

In conclusion, the legislator commented that this was a meetingFriendly and positive“It lasted for more than an hour, and they talked about China’s various interests in Peru, its mining investments and the construction of the Chanke port. Assistance from that country, such as sending medical personnel.

I was then formally invited to go to China, When infection allows itThey also talked about arranging a virtual meeting between scientists from the two countries to discuss vaccines and molecular tests.

Bastamunde has also held formal inquiries with the ambassadors of South Korea and Israel. Tomorrow he will get one from Japan and then one from Spain.

The Chinese embassy shared the Foreign Ministry’s official tweet on its Twitter account about the formal meeting with Postman.

Given: Peru has so far purchased about 10 million doses of synopharmaceuticals used in the national vaccine campaign against Govt-19.

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