January 18, 2022


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Swiss Ambassador Releases Controversial Video in Response to Sabina Frederick Reports Argentina Insecurity CELEBS NNDC | People

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The unfortunate statements of the Minister of Defense , Sabina Frederick, noted It is a quiet country but at the same time very boring, it constantly generates reactions.

Despite these controversial statements, the Swiss ambassador to Argentina, Heinrich Schellenberg, Decided to take them with humor, and Frederick used an iconic video to respond.

The diplomat posted a tourism development video on his Twitter account, which shows the European country as the perfect place to spend a holiday without drama.

In the clip, American actor Robert De Niro ironed out tennis player Roger Federer by pointing out that he could not perform in his country because of the need for “conflict, risk”.

Sabina Frederick was severely questioned for her response when asked about the unsafe case in the Buenos Aires city of Iduino. In the interview they asked her if it was necessary to emigrate to stop the fear, to which she confirmed: “Switzerland is quiet, but very boring.”

Amid the controversy, the official said she did not want to underestimate the insecurity issues and was referring to the political issue but she did not formulate the idea.

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