September 26, 2022

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Support Ukraine by buying 572 indie games for $10

Support Ukraine by buying 572 indie games for $10

An impressive new group of indie games is raising money for two charities to support relief efforts in Ukraine. Bundle For Ukraine on includes almost more than games, and you can get a lot more if you pay at least $10. Games include Celeste, A Short Hike, Superhot, Hidden Folks, and many others worth noting. Barely 11 hours after its release, the package has already raised over $593,000 to meet its $1 million goal. Maybe it’s a big deal for a good reason.

Brandon Sheffield of Necrosoft Games started after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Bundle For Ukraine launched on Overnight. All proceeds will be divided between International Medical Corpsand help civilians in Ukraine and neighboring countries, and children’s voicesProviding psychological assistance to children who have been traumatized by the war. Pay at least $10 and you’ll get a lot, although of course you can pay more.

The 991 bundle items include nearly 600 video games, over 300 physical games, plus game-making assets, books, comics, soundtracks, and more. It all comes as DRM-free downloads. It is…a lot. Among the quickest scrolls, the games that caught my eye (either because I like them or, as related, we’ve written about before) include:

I’m excited to play around with a lot of games I don’t know yet. What do you advise, dear reader?

The package will be sold out on Until 7 AM GMT on March 18 (11 PM PT on the 17th). I am so happy to see this after the 2020 giant Bundle For Racial Justice and Equality raised $8.1 million on Itch; This may also increase Megabucks.

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Disclosure: I know some people who made some of these games.