May 31, 2023

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Struggles live in Chile: Two killed in 2-year mass march of looting and violence | Sebastian Pinera | New Constitution | Photos | The world

Two deaths and 450 prisoners were recorded after the celebration The second anniversary of the 2019 Social Outbreak was celebrated with a large peaceful march in Santiago on Monday, culminating in acts of vandalism such as looting and fire in various parts of the country.

This was confirmed by the Carabineros Police Force A dozen injuries and more than 480 violent incidents Counting demonstrations, blockades, looting, destruction of public furniture or attacks on camps.

One person has been shot dead in an attempt to rob two shopping malls on the outskirts of Santiago.. No details were provided about the others.

In the afternoon, a very large concentration occurred at the center Plaza Italia in Santiago de Chile, With about 10,000 people, according to figures provided by police officers, most of them protested quietly, with songs and music.

Identity: From the social explosion to the new constitution, Chile’s journey ends in two years

As the hours passed, several urban bus stops were set on fire and the entrance to a park was set on fire, and some looting and civic registration office was destroyed in various parts of the capital, especially in the perimeter.

In other cities, small processions were held and there were some clashes, i.e. in the coastal city of Valparaiso or north of La Serena and Antofagasta.

The government is ashamed of the left

The government has directly blamed several left-wing political leaders, including presidential candidates Yasna Provost and Gabriel Borik, for episodes of violence and harassment.

“Beyond material offenders (…), the ultimate perpetrators are those who established a sense of impunity in our country”, Undersecretary of the Interior Juan Francisco Galli confirmed.

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The Christian Democrats were isolated for promoting a bill to pardon protesters who have been detained for months and student leader Borik, one of the presidential election favorites, for imprisoning someone accused of throwing bombs. Molotov.

“This violence cannot be tolerated in a democratic society. Galle added.

The “social explosion” began in Chile at the end of 2019 Complaining about the rising cost of the tunnel, but within a few months it became a very serious social crisis after the end of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) with a massive march for a better economic model and a more rights community.

The protests left about thirty deaths, thousands of wounded, episodes of extreme violence and allegations by various international organizations against the security forces for human rights violations.

Symbolically, this Monday Chile began drafting the text of the new constitution, a chapter that opened almost two years ago will ease the protests and it will end in 2022 with a new Magna card. Pinochet dictatorship.

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