May 19, 2022

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Story | The story of 10 women rescued from Afghanistan’s women’s robotics team goes viral | Taliban | Video | nnda nnrt stories | Stories

Oklahoma woman, , Decided to rescue a group of female robotics from Afghanistan, while the Taliban captured Kabul, trying to save other women.

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It’s about a woman named Allison Reno, 60, who has a master’s degree in international relations, who has taken on the responsibility of rescuing girls, according to the American media. On August 9 he went to Qatar and thus began this dangerous rescue story.

Accordingly Reno was in contact with the group, which consisted of girls between the ages of 16 and 18, who worked on the Explorer Mars project in 2019, when they first met humans at the annual Tuesday conference.

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Reno said the girls realized they were in danger after seeing the Taliban advance in Afghanistan in the news in early August. First, he contacted Senator Jim Inhof. However, he argued that being a politician could not make further progress in that way.Sunk“For requests for assistance from American citizens.

Thus, she decided to take a flight to the Middle East, although not yet close to Afghanistan.

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I remember my old roommate in DC moving to Qatar a few years ago“Reno explained.”He said he worked at the US embassy in Qatar. She was sure her boss would agree to help the girls“, He commented.

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Reno, with the help of his old roommate, obtained passports and visas for the girls. “She returned to the embassy at midnight and worked in the morning to prepare all the documents and packages“, He told reporters.

This is the shortest window of opportunity. Not now but never. Sometimes you only get one chance“, Describe an NBC.

Things are not easy to find girls in Afghanistan. One flight was canceled; However, ten women were already on the U.S. side of Kabul airport, and on the next flight they were able to escape from the Taliban. Currently, women are in a safe place in the United States and their goal is to pursue higher education.

Reno’s work is not over. His new goal is to rescue the other 25 girls from the team .

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Since the Taliban came to power, uncertainty and lack of control have continued to rise across Afghanistan, especially among women in that country, who fear they will lose the rights they acquired in recent years.