December 8, 2021

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Steven Rothstein | American Airlines | The story of a man who travels the world for free in first grade | NNDC | The world

In internet search engines, when you write the name of Steven Rothstein, he was the “bad dream” of American Airlines, which was the third most powerful airline in the world in the eighties. How can an upper-middle-class family man create annoyance in such a powerful company?

In September 1987, Steven, an experienced stockbroker, did not hesitate to take advantage of one of the most extraordinary offers in commercial aviation – something not seen today – American Airlines introduced AAirpass, the airline for life. Frequent travelers. He was also a frequent traveler, interested in travel, business and pleasure.

He was one of the few who bought a ticket for $ 250,000 and amassed over 30 million miles on the endless journeys he made in 21 years. It is estimated to have traveled more than 500 times worldwide, possibly in Los Angeles in the morning, in Chicago in the afternoon and in Tokyo at night.

Steven’s daughter Carolyn Rothstein wrote an article in 2019 Remember those times like this:

“Major centers of the United States and the world became Dad’s office; American became their home. He knew all the staff of his journey from the sidewalk, through the security, to the gate and the plane..

Boss canceled

In 2008, when he boarded a flight from Chicago to London, Steven was surprised when an officer told him his Airbus had been canceled.

To understand the abrupt end, Steven’s story goes back to 1989 (two years after he bought AAirpass). For another $ 150,000 he bought an extra ticket that allowed him to take someone else on any flight. His wife, children and people he did not know helped him on his free journey: relatives of his friends, American Airlines workers with delayed flights, and staff who wanted to see a sick family member.

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But many years later, despite the fact that Steven was known to everyone in the company – on more than one occasion, he was asked to donate air miles to those in need – and how much he was being monitored by the U.S. Department of Revenue. The airline spent its gold tickets on lost revenue.

American Airlines Steven claimed he had breached his contract by making “speculative bookings”. The company was blunt with the evidence: in May 2005 and December 2008, Rothstein booked 2,648 air tickets for fellow passengers, and 2,269 were canceled or their creditors did not show up.

He had a legal problem that could not be ruled in his favor.

Steven lost his 15-year-old son Joshi in a car accident in 2002, and family members recall that the trips escaped that tragedy.

From the 2008 notice, until his last statement for his daughter in 2019, he feels resentment over a decision he considers unreasonable and unilateral. “I’m angry, they stole my personality”, Dice.

“My love was stolen from me. They stole what I first gave them half a million dollars. Half a million dollars is like 5 million dollars today. They did it maliciously. If there is a problem, just call me and tell me they want to change the way I used Airbus. “ Concludes.

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