May 28, 2023

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Starfield will have a "NASA-Punk" aesthetic •

Starfield will have a “NASA-Punk” aesthetic •

“The technical team can immediately take those two words and make them work.”

Starfield will have a “NASA-Punk” aesthetic, according to its lead artist, Istvan Pely.

In an interview day Xbox Wirewhich gives “Starfield art the exclusive location,” got more information about the team’s artistic process, as well as watched artist Mike Butkus “work hard at Starfield’s Journey Through Space art,” which you can check out below:

“Early in this project when we were trying to create the general aesthetic of this game, we coined the term ‘NASA-Punk’ to describe a more cohesive and interactable science fiction world,” says lead Starfield artist, Stephen Bailey. “We wanted to take a very realistic stance. You can draw a line from current space technology and extrapolate from there to the future so that it is believable and reliable.”

“What’s really interesting is how well we stick with that concept,” adds lead animator, Rick Wiesens. “When I said NASA-Punk, the technical team could instantly take those two words and make them work. It was just the perfect term for our technical direction and keeping everyone in the same flow and working in a consistent style. For me, that just clicked. At the beginning of the project, I think that This term was extremely important to us.”

Starfield is coming to PC and Xbox Series X | S on November 11, 2022. Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have access from day one.

Xbox President Phil Spencer recently said his goal is to be More people are playing the upcoming epic Bethesda Starfield From the company’s legendary Skyrim, though – as an Xbox exclusive – it will bypass PlayStation altogether.

As Tom mentioned a couple of days ago, Spencer said his vision for Starfield was to be “the most played Todd Howard game ever,” referring to Bethesda game designer and director.

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