May 28, 2023

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Spanish Manel Montegudo apologizes for not being in a coma for 35 years The world

Manel Monteagudo of Spain admitted this Friday that he had not been in a coma for 35 years and apologized. Doubts about his story arose a few hours after his initial story of 22 to 58 years in that state was widely circulated by the media in his country and internationally like this newspaper.

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“I should have cut it beforehand because it was out of hand. My claim at any time is not like that. I accept all guilt and accept what they tell me.He was apparently victimized.

Under the heading “Manel was in a coma for 35 years after the fall: ‘I fell asleep at 22 and woke up at 58′”, Spanish newspaper Who told the story first. And this Friday Journalist Jose Ramon Ares, who signed the note, says it is not a “lie” but a “problem of focus”.

“35 years Manel Montegudo In the coma that has surrounded Spain in recent days, it is not like the paradoxes of the case they point out, . The victim confirmed this in La Hora de la 1 this Friday, the first plan to put the case in public., Says the Spanish newspaper.

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“I was not in a coma at any time. I fell from six meters. I was admitted to the hospital. It is true that 14 to 16 daily fainting in these 35 years due to the accident”, Said Montegudo.

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In his initial account, he promised that he was in a coma because he fell at 22 and woke up in 2014 when he was already 58.

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According to his false account, Manel Monteagudo began working as a sailor in South Africa at the age of 14 Then it happened to the Merchant Navy. At the age of 17 he went to Germany in search of better opportunities and joined a German merchant ship that left Bremen.

Passing through Basra, Iraq, he fell from a height of twenty feet, was hit hard on the head and fell into a coma, and remained so until 2014.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture., Where his then girlfriend and current wife Konji took care of him.

“My wife was told that any day, when she woke up, I would be cool. Nothing else. My path was to the grave. They told me to count my wife dead while she was alive.Montegudo promised on TVE.

He then said that he opened his eyes again on October 15, 2014. “My first impression is that the day before the accident, I was in the hospital, but in Basra … I did not know I was in Spain at any time, I thought it was the day after the accident.”

According to the El Mundo newspaper, the only Spanish hospital he is said to have admitted to is the Modello de A Coruna Hospital. Contacting that newspaper, the center said it could not confirm or deny whether the story it was telling was like this or not. Montegudo, Due to the Data Protection Act.

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However, He had two daughters at the time he was said to be in a coma and it is now known that they are adults. In addition, he has written several books “since coming out of a coma” and has moved on to perfection.

This is a statement issued by the EFE before Montegudo’s lie was revealed.

* The initial note in this newspaper was altered after it became known that the protagonist of the story had lied.

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