January 26, 2022


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Spain: La Palma receives lava land from the sea and air degradation is expected [VIDEO]

The volcano erupting from it Gumbre Vija Volcano From the island of La Palma (SpainIt falls into the water in a continuous flow and gets land from the sea this Thursday, while a decline in air quality is expected due to wind changes.

Therefore, experts urge people closest to the volcano to take extreme precautionary measures, especially on Fridays, and high values ​​of sulfur dioxide have already been measured in the city of Dassault – above the norms regarding air quality, though not the health hazard – and the smell of rotten eggs.

In this municipality, the volcano flows from the volcano on Tuesday Old Summit Reached the ocean, 500 micrograms of sulfur dioxide (SO2) per cubic meter is measured in real time, although this level has already dropped to 300.

It is now thought that the problem may extend to Las Lanos de Ariden (values ​​of 100 micrograms per cubic meter) and El Paso, so special precautions are recommended: stay home if necessary and use FFP2 masks, especially for people with respiratory conditions, the elderly, children and pregnant women.

This increase in measurements, with an increase in SO2 emissions from the volcano, is 7,149 tons per day, a relatively high value.

Continuous volcanic waterfall in the sea

Meanwhile, magma flows into the ocean in a continuous flow, falling into a layer and forming a delta at the base of the cliff with a wide front, which reaches 24 meters below sea level, according to the National Geological Survey. Of Spain.

According to the volcanic emergency, since reaching the volcanic ocean, the main stream has “overflowed at some point” and “some fingers separated from some axis”. Project of the Canary Islands (Bevolka).

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In the area of ​​contact of the magma with water, a vapor cloud and toxic gases are formed, a “sea bloom” which accumulates in a small area.

Although the eruption process continued its operation, the remaining flows were practically inactive, although the appearance of a fumarolic field was observed on the northeast side since this morning.

The consistency in laundry has allowed farmers to access their farms, feed their livestock, or go home for emergencies to collect something for emergencies.

People were evacuated by the action of the volcano Old Summit They are maintained in the cities of San Boronton, Marina Alta, Marina Baja and La Condesa, and in volcanic cones and 2.5 km exclusion zones around 2 nautical miles.

Faced with this situation, the Canary Islands regional government has approved an ordinance with tax deductions for victims of real estate, such as “zero” public indirect tax on canary islands (IGIC) for land acquisition (IGIC). Forgiveness of vehicles and equity and donation and inheritance fees.

Nearly a thousand buildings have been affected

According to the latest data from the European Copernicus Terrain Surveillance Satellite System, since the eruption on September 19, the volcano has covered 338.3 hectares, including 1,752.8 hectares of ash, including land taken from the sea since the night of the 28th.

Already 981 buildings have been affected, of which 855 have been destroyed, and 29.8 km of roads have been damaged, of which 27.4 have been devastated. The current height of the gray cloud is 5,000 meters above sea level.

Regarding the earthquake, Bevolka experts note that it was in the same area as the previous day and at a depth of more than ten kilometers, the magnitude of the 3.3 earthquake is 2 with a maximum magnitude, and there are superficial movements around the center of the eruption.

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The tremor is constant, although in some areas near the cone it maintains a constant pattern of high frequency and distortions.

The National Geographic Institute has detected eighteen earthquakes in the southern part of the island, four of which were felt to be very weak by population.

(With information from EFE)

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