May 31, 2023

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Spain: Customer leaves a note at a bookstore and his profile goes viral on social media Instagram nnda nnrt | Czech

Values ​​in the world are gradually being lost, however, there are still those who keep them in mind and practice them. On , A customer puts a note on the door of a bookstore to finish paying for his son’s school supplies and thank the workers. Meet this move .

On October 27, a child entered a bookstore Santos Ochoa of Husca Buy some school supplies. At the time of payment, one of the sellers told him that 20 cents was missing, but Minor asked him to pay it later.

The next morning, Aranza Martinez, the owner of a bookstore who was unaware of the episode, found a note under the door.

Good morning, 7:00 pm yesterday: My son bought an Oxford block and three rolls for books. He was missing 20 cents. Thanks”Reads the note on the sealed bag.

“We want to meet you”

On account of the bookstore, Martinez thanked the customer for the excellent gesture and expressed his desire to meet him.

This note and 20 coins shows us the good people who are our customers, not because of the pennies, but because of the care of that mother / father and the interest in returning to our shop. We do not know who left it, but we would love to meet you and thank you for the details, ”he wrote on the bookstore’s Instagram account. “For things like that, we love our job!He added.

The release has surpassed 2,000 options and Instagram users have highlighted customer values.

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